Jinger Duggar teases brother: ‘Can’t have favorites’

Jinger Duggar selfie
Jinger Duggar played coy with her brother, James Duggar. Pic credit: @jingervuolo/Instagram

With 18 siblings, the Duggar children likely have one who is their favorite.

Jinger Duggar isn’t here for that, though.

The Counting On star opened her Instagram for an AMA (Ask Me Anything), and the questions began to roll in immediately.

What was asked ranged from fashion advice to favorite places to travel, but one question caught Jinger’s eye.

One of her little brothers asked her which brother was her favorite.

Followers can’t see who asked the question, but she can when she chooses to answer them.

And James Duggar was ready to be cheeky with his big sister.

Is James Duggar the favorite brother?

James Duggar seems to get along with his siblings – at least as far as the public can see.

Jinger Duggar received a question from him asking who her favorite brother is.

Her response was perfect, “we can’t have favorites.”

Jinger Duggar and James Duggar
Jinger Duggar caught James Duggar being cheeky. Pic credit: @jingervuolo/Instagram

The old throwback was fun because it was taken during Jinger’s heavy black eyeliner days. It was likely from when she began to court Jeremy Vuolo or during it.

James seems to be the brother who talks to all his siblings – including Jinger and Jill Duggar. Whether he’s in contact with Josh Duggar is unknown, as he didn’t show up for his trial and seems to be living his own life these days.

Jinger Duggar is busy in California

It’s been a busy 2024 for Jinger Duggar.

She hosted Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth at her home in January.

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo then experienced a loss when his grandma, Ann Vuolo, passed away a few weeks ago.

Recently, Jinger also hosted her big brother, John David Duggar, and his wife, Abbie Grace Burnett. They went to California for a convention and stayed with Jinger and Jeremy, giving the kids time to play with their cousins.

It’s been a whirlwind, and the Counting On star is steadily keeping her followers updated on her life. She and Jeremy still aren’t sharing photos of their kids, but they occasionally snap them from behind or cover their faces when doing something fun.

The Counting On star remains in contact with most of her siblings, including Jill Duggar. She revealed there was tension there following the release of her book but didn’t elaborate on which siblings took issue. We have an idea, but since it isn’t confirmed, we aren’t going to speculate.

Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets is currently streaming on Prime Video.

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