Jinger Duggar slammed for using daughters as ‘prop’ for influencing

Jinger Duggar confessional.
Jinger Duggar has upset some Counting On fans. Pic credit: TLC

Jinger Duggar has been very selective about what she posts featuring her daughters. She and Jeremy Vuolo were sharing a lot of Felicity for a while, but when Evangeline Jo was born last November, the photos stopped.

After months of speculation about why the Vuolo sisters weren’t shown, Jinger revealed that she and Jeremy had decided to keep their identities private and only show photos where their faces weren’t visible.

Many Counting On followers were happy with that, but when Jinger Duggar shared a photo of her two little girls for an advertisement, they weren’t shy about calling her out.

Counting On fans call Jinger Duggar out for using daughters as a ‘prop’

Just like her sister Jessa Duggar did a few days ago, Jinger Duggar used her daughters to advertise a partnership with PatPat Kids Clothes. It was a similar format to what Jessa did, and it came with a long-winded caption.

Part of Jinger’s caption reads, “I recently found @patpat_kids clothing. They have such cute, quality, great price—even coordinating outfits! Even though it doesn’t feel like Autumn weather, we will be over here rockin’ all the orange and eating all the pumpkin things! [orange heart and pumpkin emoji]”

Immediately, Counting On followers couldn’t help but highlight what they believed to be hypocrisy on Jinger’s end.

One comment reads, “If you want to keep your children out of the public [then] do so. But don’t use them as a prop to be an influencer.”

Another said, “exactly publicity is used as a prop. They grift and beg for all the free stuff. Anything, so they don’t have to do actual work.”

Jinger Duggar's comments on post.
Pic credit: @jingervuolo/Instagram

While not all of the comments were like these, several others agreed with their sentiments.

Jinger Duggar’s social influencing career

Without Counting On airing anymore, Jinger Duggar has had to figure out the next direction she wants to go in life. She and Jeremy Vuolo have built their Hope We Hold brand, which has done okay for them.

However, working on social media influencing appears to be something Jinger is interested in. She has attempted to make a go of it a few times, but there was severe pushback at least once, and her partnership with Fonuts was pulled. That was an intense time and followed the loss of her second pregnancy, resulting in a miscarriage.

Jinger using Felicity and Evangeline to partner with a clothing retailer has some Counting On viewers up in arms. Is she a hypocrite, or is she just doing her job?

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2 years ago

I agree. In my opinion it is silly to continue posting photos of your children from behind. They do this alot, not just to sell something. I support the Duggars but this annoys me about Jinger. Quit posting pictures of your kids altogether if you want them to have privacy.