Jinger Duggar loses partnership with Fonuts: Company apologizes for not researching who she was

Jinger Duggar in a Counting On confessional.
Jinger Duggar is no longer partnering with Fonuts. Pic credit: TLC

Jinger Duggar’s partnership with Fonuts has come to an end just days after she announced they would be introducing a “Jingerbread” Fonut for December.

Earlier this week, Jinger Duggar revealed she would be partnering with a Los Angeles bakery that offered gluten-free and vegan options on baked, not fried, donuts.

Fonuts has two California locations, and this was going to be her first partnership dealing with baking and food.

Yesterday, Fonuts issued a statement on social media that revealed the company was no longer working with Jinger Duggar or the company that initially paired them up.

Their statement read, in part, “We would like you all to know, we promise to be more diligent in the future and only work with people who truly represent our core values of kindness, inclusivity and transparency.”

Fonuts issued an apology.
Fonuts issued an apology on Instagram. Pic credit: @fonuts/Instagram

There is some debate about the reason Jinger Duggar and Fonuts parted ways. Some followers believe it is because of who her family is, and others think that her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, is the reason behind it all.

Followers weighed in on the Fonuts Instagram account, with varied responses.

The Duggar family is known for being ultra-conservative and not backing down on the anti-abortion and pro-life stances. They have campaigned for various candidates, openly backing several different politicians.

Comments from fans on the Fonuts IG page.
Followers weigh in on why Fonuts canceled the partnership with Jinger Duggar. Pic credit: @fonuts/Instagram

Aside from their beliefs, the eldest Duggar child, Josh Duggar, was involved in a scandal in 2015. News broke that he had molested several of his sisters and a Duggar family friend.

Police reports were released, and despite the incident being several years prior, TLC canceled 19 Kids and Counting.

Shortly after that, reports indicate he was involved with the mistress website, Ashley Madison. Josh went off to rehab, and TLC rebranded the show to become what is now, Counting On.

If Jeremy Vuolo is the reason Fonuts dumped Jinger Duggar, it isn’t shocking. There are several sermons he has preached about anti-Catholicism and other hot button topics.

Vuolo and Duggar are more mainstream than the majority of the Duggar family, but they aren’t as open-minded and inclusive as some may believe.

Fans weigh in on why Jinger and Fonuts are no longer partnering.
More fans speculate about the dissolved partnership. Pic credit: @fonuts/Instagram

Whatever the reason, the bottom line is Jinger Duggar is no longer working with Fonuts, and the “Jingerbread” Fonut has been canceled.

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