Jinger Duggar slammed by follower for her foodie ways

Jeremy Vuolo and Jinger Duggar eating at a restaurant.
Jinger Duggar shares her food adventures on Instagram. Pic credit: @jingervuolo/Instagram

Jinger Duggar has taken on being a foodie since moving to Los Angeles. Several of her social media photos center around food when she is out and about, prompting one follower to ask if she ever cooks and eats at home.

The move to Los Angeles has morphed Jinger Duggar into someone different than viewers recognize. They have watched her grow up, and now, she is giving off a hipster/foodie vibe. Jinger has posted pictures of her favorite spots where she’s gotten coffee, eaten Nashville hot chicken, and now, pizza.

Asking whether Jinger Duggar cooks and eats at home was a dig at the reality star. She has shared photos of her baking talents.

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The Counting On star even landed a deal with a Los Angeles-based bakery. Unfortunately, the company had to pull out because of the backlash they received and because of what she is associated with.

Jinger Duggar comment on Instagram.
Jinger was slammed on Instagram after sharing more food pictures. Pic credit: @jingervuolo/Instagram

It has been several weeks since that happened.

Jinger Duggar hasn’t commented on the donut deal that fell through. She backed out of an appearance following the dissolution of the partnership. Since then, most of her posts have been about where she is eating or her doting on Felicity’s love for Jeremy.

Food is something Jinger Duggar enjoys. She has been more adventurous in her choices and documents some of the interesting places they visit.

Jeremy Vuolo and Felicity are often part of her foodie adventures. As living in Los Angeles becomes the new norm for the family, the food will lose the appeal, and things will stabilize.

Now that Jinger Duggar has been slammed for her foodie ways, she may share some of the meals she cooks at home for her little family. She is living her best life and has been eager to show followers what she and her family have been up to.

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