Jinger Duggar shows off Felicity as they have a beach day

Jinger and Jeremy with Felicity.
Jinger Duggar shares some photos of Felicity at the beach. Pic credit: TLC

Jinger Duggar spent some time at the beach over the weekend and shared some photos with her followers.

The former Counting On star and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, have pulled back from posting photos of their two little girls. Felicity grew up on the show, but after Evangeline’s birth in 2020, the couple shied away from sharing their little girls online.

Since then, followers have gotten glimpses of the Vuolo daughters, mostly from behind or afar.

Jinger Duggar shares glimpses of Felicity at the beach

On Instagram, Jinger Duggar shared three slides of the family trip to the beach.

Felicity seems to be a daddy’s girl, as she was with Jeremy Vuolo in each of the snaps. She has grown up so fast, as she is approaching her fourth birthday in July.

Jinger titled the post, “Perfect day.”

The photos highlight Jeremy’s involvement with Felicity, as he is often spotted holding her hand or walking with her. When she is shown, it’s a treat for followers who get to see how much she has grown. As a part of Counting On, viewers watched her transform from a little baby to a mobile toddler who enjoyed exploring.

Jinger Duggar loves California

Life on the West Coast suits Jinger Duggar. The couple has been living in California since 2019, which means they will celebrate three years there this coming summer.

Just before they were set to leave Texas and make their journey to California, Jinger’s grandma, Mary Duggar, suddenly passed away.

She hasn’t often traveled back to Arkansas but does spend time with her siblings, who have visited a few times over the years. Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald visited, Jana Duggar and some of her brothers have been at least twice, and Michelle Duggar has been at least twice as well.

The last time Jinger Duggar was back home was for her brother Jedidiah Duggar’s wedding last April. Felicity and Evangeline were shared in a photo on Anna Duggar’s page with all the girl cousins lined up. Felicity kicked off the huge baby girl boom in the family, but it will end when Katelyn Nakatsu and Jedidiah welcome their first son in April.

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo feel strongly about keeping Felicity and Evangeline off the internet. Viewers enjoy the little glimpses here and there, especially as Felicity continues to grow up.

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