Jinger Duggar shares photo of Felicity enjoying the Los Angeles rain

Jinger Duggar on Counting On.
Jinger Duggar shared Felicity enjoying the rain. Pic credit: TLC

Another day, another picture of Felicity Vuolo without showing her face appears on Jinger Duggar’s social media.

For months, Counting On viewers wondered what happened to Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo’s two little girls. She refrained from posting them following Evangeline Jo’s birth in November, and until recently, didn’t answer followers’ questions about them.

Ultimately, Jinger revealed that she and Jeremy had decided to give their daughters privacy and would no longer share photos of them. They have gotten creative and have been posting a lot of Felicity photos over the last several weeks.

Felicity plays in the rain

The most recent photo of Felicity Vuolo came from a now-expired Instagram story shared by Jinger Duggar.

She is seen holding an umbrella with her head, and her face is not visible at all. Her shoes, though, are clear as day. Felicity and her kicks are the stars of Jinger’s stories on several occasions.

Felicity playing in the rain.
Pic credit: @jingervuolo/Instagram

Why has Jinger Duggar been sharing her girls more?

The uptick in photos with Felicity and Evangeline present has gone up considerably since she announced they would no longer be showcasing the girls.

From photos of them on vacation to the simple rain in Los Angeles photo, Jinger has been sharing many things that are happening.

Without Counting On, this may be her way to connect with followers. She and Jeremy have stepped back from their podcast but have continued to promote their book.

Since TLC announced the cancellation of Counting On, Jeremy and Jinger have been vocal about their agreement with the decision. They praised the network, and some followers believed they might have been angling for their own show. Nothing has come of it yet, though.

It is unclear what prompted Jinger Duggar to up the sharing of photos containing her girls. Evangeline is less visible than her big sister, though. Perhaps that is because Felicity grew up being filmed, so even with her being kept away now, followers still watched her grow up.

What will happen moving forward remains to be seen. Jinger and Jeremy haven’t talked about their plans without Counting On, and for now, it looks as if they are enjoying traveling and spending time exploring more of California when he isn’t preaching.

Followers will continue to enjoy the glimpse of the Vuolo girls, and seeing Felicity’s fashion sense blossom has been a real treat for those who know Jinger is the most fashionable Duggar sibling.

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