Jinger Duggar shares Felicity’s favorite snack and it isn’t what you think

Jinger Duggar in a Counting On confessional.
Jinger Duggar is sharing Felicity’s favorite snack with followers. Pic credit: TLC

Jinger Duggar has been sharing various things she and her family have been doing while stuck at home. The most recent photo that has everyone talking is of Felicity chowing down on seaweed.

On her Instagram story, Jinger Duggar shared some photos of Felicity eating her favorite snack, seaweed. She shoveled a whole piece in her mouth, and the Counting On star got it on film. Jinger joked about the crunch.

Jinger Duggar offers news foods to Felicity

Since moving to California, Jinger Duggar has been living her best life. She and Jeremy Vuolo tried plenty of new places, most of them with Felicity in tow.

Eating seaweed isn’t a typical snack for a toddler, but Felicity is enjoying every bite.

It looks like Jinger Duggar has passed down her love for trying and enjoying new foods to her daughter. She and Jeremy Vuolo have filmed quite a bit in restaurants, some of which included eating different foods or trying different things.

With all of the baking and cooking Jinger Duggar does, Counting On fans are hoping she will share more videos of Felicity trying new and different things.

Watching her shovel seaweed in her mouth was not typical but it piqued some interest.

Felicity on Jinger Duggar's Instagram story.
Felicity Vuolo enjoys seaweed as her snack. Pic credit: @jingervuolo/Instagram

What else has Jinger Duggar been up to while stuck at home?

Staying at home for Jinger Duggar has been a chance to get to some things done that have been on the back-burner.

Spring cleaning, trying new foods, and playing in the yard are some of the things the Counting On family has been doing during these trying times.

Before the coronavirus pandemic, Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo hinted they were filming for the upcoming Counting On season. At this point, it is unclear when the show will return or how much was filmed.

Both Jinger Duggar and Felicity went back to Arkansas for a quick visit before the pandemic took over the country. She spent time with her sisters and family, which sparked speculation that she may have made an announcement.

At this point, nothing has been confirmed, so it was likely just to spend time with the people she spent most of her life with.

The adventures of Felicity have helped Counting On fans keep up with Jinger Duggar more and more. Her life with Jeremy Vuolo has been different than the other Duggar children, and their approach to life has variances many fans praise.

For now, Felicity is enjoying her seaweed snacks, and Jinger Duggar is enjoying spending time with her.

Counting On is currently on hiatus and is expected to return later this year on TLC.

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