Jinger Duggar loses another partnership, Instagram influencer status isn’t taking off

Jinger Duggar in a Counting On confessional.
Jinger Duggar lost another partnership. Pic credit: TLC

Jinger Duggar has lost yet another partnership. This time, it was with BondiBoost, an Australian-based company.

The ad she posted was on her Instagram stories but has since disappeared.

Why did Jinger Duggar lose her partnership?

Once Counting On critics caught wind of Jinger Duggar promoting and partnering with BondiBoost, they began to email the company.

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On Reddit, a user shared an email in the thread where the company confirms they will no longer be partnering with the reality star. This is a common occurrence for Jinger due to the affiliations she and her family have.

She has been attempting to work on her status as an Instagram influencer with the massive following she boasts. Jinger has 1.3 million followers and garners a lot of attention on her posts.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t negate the things she and her family stand for.

What other partnerships have Jinger Duggar lost?

Last year, Jinger Duggar was set up with Fonuts, an LA-based bakery. She was due to unveil her own special flavor, “Jingerbread.”

That was pulled within days of the announcement, with the company releasing a statement about the dissolved partnership. Within hours, her Instagram was scrubbed of all of the promotions she did.

Shortly after, she was scheduled to appear at a Rebecca Minkoff event. That was was also canceled. Both incidents happened after she lost her second pregnancy.

It was likely a whirlwind of events, and for a while, she took a step back from social media.

The reality is that Jinger Duggar may continue to collect sponsorships, but many of them may also see the same fate. Her family is controversial at best.

Even though she officially goes by Vuolo, Jinger can’t seem to shake the Duggar family name and controversy.

Instagram influencing may not be her thing. Jinger did decide to start a podcast, Hope We Hold, with her husband, Jeremy Vuolo. The two put out a new episode once a week and have been trying to boost their listeners.

Currently, Jinger Duggar is 28 weeks pregnant with her rainbow baby. She announced her pregnancy earlier this summer and revealed that another little Vuolo girl is on the way.

Jinger and Jeremy are continuing to film Counting On, even though they remain in California.

Counting On airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c on TLC.

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