Jinger Duggar backs out of appearance following dissolved partnership with Fonuts

Jinger Duggar during a Counting On confessional.
Jinger Duggar backed out of a public appearance due to personal reasons. Pic credit: TLC

Jinger Duggar and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, pulled out of an upcoming event following the dissolution of her partnership with Fonuts. The pair were slated to attend a Rebecca Minkoff event happening on Sunday, Dec. 8.

Details surrounding the sudden pulling out are slim. On the event page, Jinger Duggar’s name is no longer there. Still, it does reveal that Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo are no longer making a personal appearance due to personal circumstances.

Rebecca Minkoff didn’t release a statement about not working with Jinger Duggar or Jeremy Vuolo. Speculation is that the couple may have chosen to pull out to avoid any more backlash.

There were plenty of upset people following Jinger’s announcement that she had partnered with Fonuts, a Los Angeles-based bakery.

Neither Jinger Duggar or Jeremy Vuolo have issued statements based on the events that have transpired over the last few days. It is unclear how long they will stay out of the spotlight following the backlash and dissolved partnership.

Both fans and haters of the Duggar family are torn concerning what should have happened with Jinger Duggar. Some believe that pulling out of the partnership was over the top, while others think that it is the cost of the family’s beliefs and public proclamations of such beliefs.

The reason behind Fonuts cutting ties has also not been made clear. The owners issued a statement. However, there was no elaboration on whether they canned Jinger Duggar because of her husband’s sermons, or if it was because of her family and their far-right conservative beliefs.

On top of not making public appearances, Jinger Duggar has also stayed away from social media. Both Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo are still appearing on TLC’s Counting On, and they have been working on getting acquainted with California living as they explore Los Angeles.

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