Jinger Duggar goes ‘natural’ for errand outing

Jinger Duggar selfie
Jinger Duggar wore a natural look for errands. Pic credit: @jingervuolo/Instagram

Jinger Duggar ditched her usual look for a more toned-down option while running errands.

The Counting On star is typically seen with straight hair, with a tint of blonde in her naturally brunette locks.

She shared a car selfie while running errands, showing her “natural” look.

Typically, the reality TV star is dressed down with her latest pair of kicks. Jinger straightens her hair and wears makeup to brighten up her face.

This time, though, she was rocking her “natural” curls in her highlighted blonde hair.

Jinger wore sunglasses while taking the selfie that showed off her lock curly locks.

Jinger Duggar selfie
Jinger Duggar highlights her natural curls. Pic credit: @jingervuolo/Instagram

Jinger Duggar’s fashion choices have caused issues

Dubbed the “rebel” of the Duggar family by followers, Jinger Duggar’s choices have influenced how her siblings and their wives dress today.

When Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar introduced their brood to the world, their conservative dress code was a big deal. The girls wore long-sleeved dresses that fell below their knees, they weren’t allowed to wear heavy makeup, and their hair had to be kept long.

Jinger met and fell in love with Jeremy Vuolo, and following their wedding, her wardrobe drastically changed.

She began wearing sneakers that were expensive with pants. Jeans and yoga-like pants became her go-tos while living in Texas, and when she moved to California, she decided to add shorts to her wardrobe.

Her choices influenced some of her sisters, which caused some conflict between her and her parents. While they tried to downplay it, there is still some tension regarding Jinger’s more modern look.

Jinger Duggar doesn’t visit Arkansas often

Since marrying Jeremy Vuolo and building a life as his wife, Jinger Duggar has stayed away from Arkansas for the most part.

They have been back a few times — one more recently as she spent time with Jill Duggar and her sisters while Jeremy Vuolo spent time with Austin Forsyth. The couple stayed with Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin while they were in town.

Jinger and Jeremy also attend her siblings’ weddings. They were there when Hannah Wissmann and Jeremiah Duggar got married in Nebraska.

Mostly, though, the family comes to visit her in California. She has hosted Jana Duggar several times, along with Jason and James Duggar. Joy-Anna and Austin also flew out to spend time with them before Gunner was born.

Jinger beats to the rhythm of a more modern drum, and with that comes attempting to fit into a particular lifestyle. She doesn’t often go for a “natural” look with her curly hair.

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