Jana Duggar debuts new look at Duggar sibling campout

Jana Duggar confessional
Jana Duggar looks different with bleach blonde hair. Pic credit: TLC

Jana Duggar has been quiet on social media for quite some time.

She hasn’t appeared much with her siblings and seems to be living her own life away from the gaze of social media watchers.

As the eldest Duggar daughter, Jana has been one of the most watched. Followers and critics want to know when and if she will marry. Her twin, John David Duggar, has been married for five years, and many believed she would follow.

However, it seems Jana’s primary focus has always been caring for her younger siblings and some of her married siblings’ children. She was even dubbed “Cinderella” because of her cooking and cleaning around the Duggar compound.

Jana debuted a new look in Joy-Anna Duggar’s video of the Duggar sibling campout.

The Counting On star looked different, and that’s a big deal as she looked the same for most of the time she was on reality TV.

Jana Duggar goes bleach-blonde

During Joy-Anna Duggar’s video, Jana Duggar’s new look was highlighted.

She didn’t focus on her sister’s new look, which was likely done a while ago but caught viewers by surprise.

Jana was sitting in her camping chair by the fire when Joy-Anna focused in on her. At first, it wasn’t clear it was the eldest Duggar daughter, but once it was clear, her bleached blonde was noticeable.

Jana Duggar sitting around the camp fire
Jana Duggar has long bleach-blonde locks. Pic credit: @FollowtheForsyths/YouTube

Blonde seems to be the go-to color among the Duggar sisters. And, it seems the Duggar boys also like lighter hair on their wives.

Jinger Duggar was the first to go blonde; a few of her sisters have followed since then.

Does Jana Duggar no longer have rules?

Jana Duggar still lives under Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s roof, so it’s curious that she would wear pants and dye her hair.

Jim Bob and Michelle had stringent rules while their children were raised under their roof. The dress code was enforced heavily, and it was a huge deal once Jinger Duggar broke it after marrying Jeremy Vuolo.

These days, Jana has been spotted wearing pants out with her siblings, and now she has bleached hair. It is interesting because it seems that with only three little girls under 18 in the Duggar home, the rules have been relaxed a bit.

Jana appears to be making some of her own decisions now, a stark change from the Jana who aired on Counting On.

Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets is currently streaming on Prime Video.

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