Jinger Duggar enjoys a relaxing and ‘Happy’ Sunday

Jinger Duggar face
Jinger Duggar enjoys a “Happy” Sunday. Pic credit: @JingerJeremyVuolo/YouTube

Jinger Duggar has had a busy week.

Her newest book, Becoming Free Indeed: My Story of Disentangling Faith from Fear, was released last week.

The Counting On star is currently on a press tour to promote it, stopping by The Tamron Hall Show and doing an interview with ABC’s Juju Chang.

Jinger has appeared on various podcasts, revealing the harsh reality of wading through what she was taught to believe growing up and what she believes is the truth she found by studying the Bible on her own.

There were several emotional moments for the mom of two during various interviews, mostly when discussing her brother, Josh Duggar, and his heinous crimes. Jinger revealed Bill Gothard is a “false prophet” and admitted that the Institute in Basic Life Principles (IBLP) is cult-like.

The IBLP teachings caused Jinger fear, which turned into panic attacks and an eating disorder. Her life was riddled with fear of what would happen if she strayed from the teachings.

Jinger Duggar enjoys a ‘Happy Sunday’

While in New York for press, Jinger Duggar seemingly had some downtime to enjoy a beautiful Sunday with a gorgeous view.

She was sitting by a window offering a gorgeous view of the city. She geotagged her location as Colombus Circle, which appears to be near Manhattan.

Jinger smiled for the camera with what appeared to be coffee in front of her. Followers know that the reality TV star has difficulty saying no to the beverage.

The share was captioned, “Happy Sunday ?”

What has changed in Jinger Duggar’s life?

Followers knew something was different with Jinger Duggar when she began wearing pants after marrying Jeremy Vuolo and moving to Laredo, Texas.

She began wearing pants, which was a first for the Duggar daughters. They were taught that only long skirts and dresses were acceptable. Pants were never allowed, even when they did outdoor activities like riding a bike.

Jinger also revealed that she doesn’t believe alcohol is a sin. However, she does not partake. And while she didn’t confirm or deny that she and Jeremy use birth control, she did confirm that just because babies are a blessing, having many of them isn’t something she is interested in.

Despite proclamations that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar didn’t take an issue with Jinger wearing pants, Jeremy revealed that they discussed her choices.

With everything that Jinger revealed that has changed in her life and why she has yet to renounce her parents, it’s unlikely that she will ever break away from them or badmouth Michelle and Jim Bob.

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Good to hear you’re doing good