Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar appear regularly in new season of Counting On

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar in a Counting On confessional.
Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are on Counting On a lot more this season. Pic credit: TLC

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are back in front of the cameras on Counting On. For several seasons, they have played background characters, only appearing when big events were happening as the show was mostly focused on the Duggar children and their expanding families.

The trailer for the new season of Counting On has revealed that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar were actively filming this time around. There were confessionals with the Duggar parents and plenty of scenes where they were interacting with the whole family.

Michelle Duggar and Jinger Duggar even share a confessional scene during the upcoming season of Counting On. It looks like the two discuss Jinger wearing pants quite frequently. The Duggar girls were not allowed to wear anything other than long dresses or skirts growing up so Jinger’s wardrobe has been a huge topic of conversation.

Also addressed this season of Counting On will be Grandma Mary Duggar’s death. She passed away back in June and her wake and funeral were filmed for part of the show. This was such a shock for the Duggar family and Jim Bob will be addressing it in a confessional as well.

Some other fun scenes with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar include when they find out about some of their new grandbabies at various events and also when they decide to babysit some of the grandchildren while their parents are out on dates. It appeared to be chaos, but nothing that the Duggar parents can’t handle!

Seeing Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar back filming the reality television show has sparked questions about why and the timing. While some have suggested it is because of the loss of Grandma Mary Duggar, there is also the possibility that they wanted (or needed) some money as well.

Counting On returns to TLC on Tuesday, October 15 at 9/8c.

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