Jill Duggar thanks Jinger Duggar for ‘support’ after a slightly shady interview

Jill Duggar selfie.
Jill Duggar gave Jinger Duggar a shoutout. Pic credit: @jillmdillard/Instagram

Jill Duggar has at least one sibling who hasn’t completely shunned her — yet.

Earlier this week, Jinger Duggar spoke out and confirmed she was asked to participate in the Shiny Happy People docuseries on Prime but declined the offer.

Instead, she wrote a book about the harmful teachings of Bill Gothard and the Institute in Basic Life Principles (IBLP).

Jill participated in the docuseries and will release a tell-all at the beginning of 2024.

During Jinger’s interview, she subtly insisted that how she handled this was “God-honoring,” while Jill’s choice to participate and write a tell-all wasn’t on par.

However, it seems Jill is okay with how things landed as she shared a “thank you” to Jinger on her Instagram Story.

Jill Duggar's Instagram Story.
Jill Duggar thanked Jinger Duggar for her support. Pic credit: @jillmdillard/Instagram

Jill Duggar realizes Jinger Duggar’s space in deconstructing

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard walked away from Counting On in 2017. They have almost six years away from the IBLP and the Duggar family, so she is likely much further in her journey.

Jinger Duggar moved to California in 2019, and from there, she began to work through her journey of leaving the IBLP. However, she is still very immersed in religion, and her focus was more on finding what was written in the Bible and interpreting it into what it truly means and not associating it with punishment or shame.

In her Instagram Story, Jill noted that. She praised Jinger for acknowledging harm in the IBLP and using her voice to help others.

Will Jill Duggar still be included in family events?

Jill Duggar has been very open about the strain in her family, especially among her siblings. Some disagree entirely with her walking away from the show and IBLP, but others remain in contact with her.

She never called anyone out, but Jedidiah Duggar clarified his stance when he liked disparaging remarks about Jill when she announced her book.

As for her other siblings, it’s unclear where they would fall, but it’s likely not in support of Jill. James Duggar was still close to his sister after she and Derick Dillard walked away, but it seems he will side with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.

Hopefully, Jinger isn’t the only one who will still speak to her, as her “support” was slightly shady at best. However, having someone from the family still in contact with her is better than no one — right?

Whether Jill will be invited to family events remains to be seen.

Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets is currently streaming on Prime Video.

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