Jill Duggar sticks up for Michelle Duggar while sharing shocking new details about her life

Jill Duggar up close
Jill Duggar spilled more tea on a recent podcast. Pic credit: ABC

Jill Duggar is back with another interview and even more cringeworthy details about growing up in the Duggar home.

The former Counting On star dropped some juicy details about courtship rules, added more speculation to the arranged marriage thought, and talked about when she received her first “buddy” in the Duggar buddy team.

This interview was a bit different as you could listen to Jill and Derick Dillard speak and see their facial expressions and movements while sitting across from Matt and Abby.

She shared a teaser clip upon her return to social media for her appearance on the Unplanned podcast, and it didn’t disappoint.

Jill did make it a point to stand up for her mom, Michelle Duggar, especially when it came to questions about the older siblings’ roles in the younger siblings’ lives.

Here’s what Jill and Derick had to say to Matt and Abby.

Jill Duggar started to care for her siblings at a very young age

The Duggar buddy team has been heavily discussed since the family revealed it.

Older Duggar daughters were responsible for several of their younger siblings growing up.

Jill Duggar revealed that she got her first “buddy” when she was six. While she attempted to downplay the duties she was responsible for at such a young age, it was important for her to make it clear that Michelle Duggar did keep the smaller children at night, and both she and Jim Bob Duggar helped change many diapers.

She also explained how she often slept with one or two of her sisters, never really sleeping alone. Jill insisted it was not due to Michelle not caring for the kids but because they wanted to be with their siblings.

Courtship rules and pre-courtship confirmation

While discussing how Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard began their courtship, they discussed how things were set up.

There has long been speculation that Jim Bob Duggar was integral in setting up marriages for his children. Followers know there was a promised marriage to Josh Duggar before he married Anna, who was known to be after him for years.

Jill hinted that pre-pre-courtships (yeah, double pre!) were happening, which was interesting. The conversation came up after they shared their story and were asked whether they would use the courtship method for their boys.

Another shocking part of their courtship rules was the “six-inch” rule. There had to be six inches between them during their dates and when they sat on the same side. It was something the chaperones focused on while being there.

Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets is currently streaming on Prime Video.

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