Jill Duggar reveals she underwent surgery — Here’s why

Jill Duggar selfie.
Jill Duggar underwent surgery. Pic credit: @jillmdillard/Instagram

Jill Duggar is restarting her healing journey after undergoing surgery yesterday.

The Counting On alum revealed that she almost hit her six-week postpartum appointment without incident, but something happened.

She detailed what happened and what she has learned since the ordeal.

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Jill is a busy mom with her little one just over a month old. Her older two kids should be in school, provided the area they live in has already ushered in the school year.

Derick Dillard took a job in Oklahoma, which caused the couple to move closer to the border, but remained in Arkansas. That took place just ahead of Frederick’s birth, which was a few weeks early.

Here’s why Jill Duggar had surgery and how she’s doing.

Jill Duggar reveals surgical procedure

Jill Duggar hasn’t posted for a few days but returned to fill her followers in on what’s been happening in her life.

She shared an update about a recent surgery she underwent.

The reality TV star wrote,”???Well…I almost made it to my 6 week postpartum well-check without incident, but ended up with a horrible bout of pain earlier this week that culminated yesterday in having to have gallbladder surgery!?”

The photo included showed an empty applesauce bowl and Jill wearing fuzzy socks while cozy under a blanket.

Jill continued, “⏰I wasn’t excited about having to start my healing time clock over again, but I am so thankful for good medical care & so many other little blessings along the way…help from family and friends + the relief now and thought of hopefully never having to deal with another bad gallbladder attack again!!”

Things concluded with the Counting On star revealing what happened to her, including frequent bloating and nausea that wasn’t attributed to anything. She also noted some “trigger” foods, which could lead to a gallbladder attack.

There was also a call for feedback from followers who had their gallbladder removed and experiences from others.

Jill Duggar still shows up for family despite their support

At the end of June, Jill Duggar was honored with a baby shower thrown by her cousin, Amy Duggar King, Aunt Deanna Duggar, and Derick Dillard’s mom, Cathy. Jessa Duggar was the only one who showed up for her, with others reportedly having other plans.

Jill showed up at Abbie Grace Burnett’s baby shower last weekend despite that. She shared a photo of herself with Abbie, but that appeared to be the only picture shared of the two. Jill was left out of the sisters-in-law’s photo and must’ve missed the “wear blue” memo as the sisters-in-law were all in blue dresses.

As her healing restarts, Jill Duggar appears to be in good spirits.

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