Jihoon Lee blasts fan on Instagram for calling him jobless

Jihoon blasts haters for saying he doesn’t have a job. Pic credit:TLC

Jihoon Lee is sick and tired of 90 Day Fiance fans telling him to get a job and now he’s blasting the haters.

The 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way alum has been getting backlash since he first appeared on the show with his then-girlfriend, Deavan Clegg.

When we first met Jihoon he was living with his parents in Seoul, South Korea, and although the couple had a baby on the way, he didn’t have much to his name.

When Deavan found out about Jihoon’s sketchy past– and the mountain of debt he has amassed over the years –she wanted to bolt but Jihoon convinced her that he would get his act together.

Jihoon and Deavan soon got married and welcomed their first child together.

They now reside in South Korea with their one-year-old son and Deavan’s daughter Druscilla.

However, Season 2 of the TLC show is proving that while some things have changed for the couple, many other things remain the same.

One thing that viewers noticed immediately is that Jihoon is still jobless.

Jihoon blasts haters and says he has a job

The 29-year-old has had enough of people telling him to get a job, and he’s firing back at the haters on Instagram.

Jihoon recently shared a screenshot of a conversation with a fan, to whom he responded angrily saying in part, “I have a job, and my side job blocks a b***h like you.”

Jihoon Lee blast fans for telling him to get a job
Pic credit:@jihoonlee90dv/Instagram

Jihoon also shared a message along with the screenshot for anyone else who wishes to attack him for not having a job.

He wrote, “To people who ask me to get a job. I’m always so kind to people who are kind to me first But to those who are rude to me, I’m an ***** to them Distinguish between show and reality. And the show is in the past.”

He added, “I’ve said countless times that I have a job.”

Jihoon is a delivery guy

Jihoon stated, “My job is to deliver food. I earn enough money to take care of my family.”

He continued, “If you read this and you tell me to get a job from now on, I’m thinking of you as a goldfish with a memory of three seconds. I’ll just ignore it and block it. cuz I don’t want to talk to fish, yeah think about it how crazy huh?! Bye.”

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airs Mondays at 9/8c on TLC.

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3 years ago

You need to grow up and take things on for . your family. Need a full time job to support a family of 4. Life is not cheap. Especially when you have kids

Carol Torrence
Carol Torrence
3 years ago

Take responsibility. You look bad on television. I hope you get your life together.