JiggAerobics on Shark Tank: Here’s what to know about LaDonte Lotts’ unique exercise classes

Jiggaerobics will be featured on shark Tank.
JiggAerobics is based on a popular Louisiana hip hop dance style. Pic credit: ABC

JiggAerobics on Shark Tank is a unique exercise class created by LaDonte Lotts that is described as a fitness party. LaDonte is building JiggAerobics into a high-profile brand based on his culture.

The fitness party is quickly gaining ground. However, LaDonte is headed to Shark Tank to help give his business the boost that will help turn the classes into a cultural phenomenon.

What is JiggAerobics?

JiggAerobics combines plyometric exercises with jigging – which is a Louisiana hip hop dance style. The idea behind the class is to exert maximum muscle force in a short period of time while increasing power and improving balance, agility, and stamina. Each class includes explosive movements, such as jumping on a box or jumping over a crate.

The wholesome program features classes taught by four certified personal trainers, including LaDonte. High energy is one of the ways instructors keep people focused during the party to create a fun environment.

Although JiggAerobics is taught at various locations throughout the south, LaDonte has also taken the fitness parties online. The website streams a slew of classes, creating an entertaining at home workout for $29.99 a month.

What makes LaDonte’s model for JiggAerobics different than other dance fitness crazes is LaDonte wants to change people’s minds regarding exercise. Instead of viewing it as a working out, LaDonte is trying to create a culture that features fitness as entertainment.

How did LaDonte Lotts come up with the idea for JiggAerobics?

According to the company website, LaDonte started JiggAerobics while he was attending Southern University in Baton Rouge. He was in charge of choreographing all half-time field shows and routines for the marching band.

LaDonte decided to organize a weekly class at the university rec center. Since he is adept in various types of dance, the classes quickly gained attention from those on and off-campus. The success helped him realize “his passion to make cardio a fun and enjoyable experience for people of all ages, shapes, and sizes.”

After his realization, JiggAerobics was born. Mr. Get Right, as LaDonte is known in his company, is ready to take his rich cultural experience to the next level. The timing of JiggAerobics on Shark Tank is perfect, considering the current health climate has people on lockdown.

Gyms are closed, and at-home fitness programs are becoming the new normal. JiggAerobics’ approach to working out is a high energy, good time people need right now physically and mentally. It is designed for all ages, shapes, and sizes, which means it could easily be a family workout.

JiggAerobics and LaDonte Lotts sound like the type of business that could get the Shark Tank crew fighting for who gets to invest in it.

Shark Tank airs Fridays at 8/7c on ABC.

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