Seriously Slime on Shark Tank: Where to buy it and what makes it special

Seriously Slime is the latest product on shark Tank.
Seriously Slime is designed so kids can play with slime but without the mess. Pic credit: ABC

Seriously Slime on Shark Tank is a company designed to let kids play with slime, but without the mess parents hate. The small business does more than sell slime, which is one of the reasons it is seeking help from the professionals at Shark Tank.

There is no question kids love the squishy, stretchy, and gooey slime. So what makes Seriously Slime better than all the other products on the market?

Well, let’s take a look at this new product being featured on Shark Tank to find out why it stands out above the rest.

What is Seriously Slime?

Sarah McDermott and Shannon Valko are the masterminds behind Seriously Slime. They loved to see their daughters having fun with slime.

However, cleaning up the mess after the fun was anything but enjoyable for the two mothers.

Not all slime is created equal. Some products are toxic. Some leave more of a mess, and others have even been recalled. The mess and inadequacy of the slime products on the market eventually led Shannon and Sarah to create Seriously Slime.

They wanted to bring joy to kids “one bowl of slime at a time.”

The two ladies tested out their product by hosting slime workshops, which then led to the idea of hosting slime parties.

First, though, Sarah and Shannon created DIY customized kits, each containing four high-quality slimes.

Customers can choose the type of slime from the following options: butter, soft and stretchy, cloud, super stretchy, and fluffy. All of the slimes are non-sticky.

Users also choose the color of the slime. Blue, green, pink, purple, red, and yellow are the color options. Last but not least, customers choose the scent from cherry, cotton candy, grape, lavender, and vanilla.

All kits come with the necessary items that kids need to have a good time with slime. Glue, shaving cream, activator, storage bowl, stirrer, foam beads, glitter, and a charm can be found in the kits along with the slime.

Expanding Seriously Slime

Shannon and Sarah learned from holding workshops that parties were the next step in their business.

After the company outgrew a local coffee shop, the two ladies decided to open their first shop in Northbrook Court in Illinois.

According to Shark Thank Products, Seriously Slime parties include “specially trained Slime Masters who know all the tips and tricks of slime and make sure everyone has a fun, hands-on experience.”

The parties aren’t designed just for kids, either. The proud owners encourage slime parties for a fun group night out, as well as team-building activities.

Seriously Slime parties can be done in-store, or the ladies will bring the party to clients.

Seriously Slime owners Shannon Valko and Sarah McDermott want to expand the business into malls, offer more slime options and even franchise the company.

Shark Tank airs Fridays at 8/7c on ABC.

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