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PrepWell Academy on Shark Tank: Where to sign up and what makes it special

PrepWell Academy Shark Tank
Phil Black returns to pitch his online learning program called PrepWell Academy. Pic credit: ABC

Phil Black is trying his luck on Shark Tank with another idea. He previously appeared in front of the sharks in 2014 with his invention, FitDeck. Unfortunately, they didn’t give him a deal.

This time, Phil will be pitching PrepWell Academy. The sharks actually told Phil to come back because they were impressed with his background as a Navy SEAL officer, firefighter, and investment banker.

Phil also has four sons. When his sons were starting to get prepared for college, Phil knew he could create a more personalized resource to help students. He developed an online resource called PrepWell Academy.

There are several different lesson plans in PrepWell Academy

On the site, there are several different tracks a student can take. They are Ivy Plan, Pathway Plan, Athlete Plan, and Military Plan.

Each plan is unique and is based on the college admissions process. It guides students and helps their parents through this confusing process.

In the program, they provide weekly videos with short lessons. Most only take three to five minutes at a time. One-on-one counseling is also available. Phil even provides in-person counseling.

The program is designed to help students develop personal and professional skills that will help them get into college. It will also help them in life after school.

Phil suggests that students begin these programs in ninth or 10th grade. Of course, they can always begin at any time, especially during the college admissions process.

When it comes time to submit college applications, PrepWell Academy can also review college essays and help with standardized test prep. They also provide financial aid information.

Phil attended Yale and Harvard Business School, so he believes his experience is well-rounded to help students.

Phil measures his success in four different ways

Phil does not measure his success by how many of his students attend high-class universities. He has four different measures of the success of PrepWell Academy.

He sees success when he looks at post-grad young adults. His measures of success for his students are “gainful employment, a bright future, little financial burden, and enjoyment of work.”

All of the learning is available online. Visit PrepWell Academy’s website here to learn more about the benefits and programs.

Will the sharks like Phil’s idea this time around? Find out tonight on Shark Tank.

Shark Tank airs on Friday nights at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.