Jesse Palmer called the Women Tell All ‘insane,’ and revealed why the women went all-in on Clayton Echard

Jesse Palmer
Jesse Palmer said his own hot seat was nothing compared to the Women Tell All. Pic credit: ABC

Jesse Palmer has seen more than his fair share of drama as a former Bachelor, but even he had no idea what to expect from the dramatic Women Tell All special this season.

The Bachelor host revealed that Clayton Echard’s Women Tell All was “insane” and on a completely different level than his own hot seat experience.

Jesse also got real about why the women may have gone in so hard on Clayton and what he hopes everyone took away from the experience.

Jesse Palmer called the Women Tell All special ‘insane’

Despite his history with the franchise, Jesse Palmer was shocked at the level of drama that came up during the special.

“I’ve been in the hot seat before as The Bachelor. I’ve done that, and I remember my experience. It was definitely tough, but it wasn’t like that. That was a totally new thing. That was crazy,” Jesse told On The Red Carpet.

He revealed that he struggled to comprehend the experience even after filming because they covered so much.

Jesse Palmer said the Women Tell All is a chance for contestants to get closure

The host also offered insight into why the women were so hard on Clayton during the taping.

“Especially in this environment, they don’t get that closure. They don’t really get a chance to talk enough when the final goodbyes are said, so it’s really the first time that all of the women get to share the stage with Clayton,” Jesse said.

He said that the reunion is a chance for the contestants to get questions answered and the closure they need from the relationship. They also get a chance to voice any lingering thoughts or feelings.

“I hope the women were able to find some of that with him and also with themselves too because we saw a lot of drama this season,” Jesse said.    

Bachelor fans joked that Jesse Palmer lost control of the Women Tell All

The Women Tell All was a wild ride for everyone involved, and some fans didn’t believe that Jesse was the right person for the job.

Bachelor Nation viewers took to social media to poke fun at the host for struggling to reign the women in as they took to screaming over one another.

It appears from his interview that Jesse himself was overwhelmed by the drama from the special.

Watch Jesse Palmer’s full interview below.  

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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