Jessa Duggar wears jeans while at Vintage Market Days with sisters

Jessa Duggar in a confessional.
Jessa Duggar wore pants while out with her sisters. Pic credit: TLC

Jessa Duggar and her sisters, Joy-Anna and Jana, spent time at the Vintage Market Days together.

The ladies shared some of their adventures with each other on social media. From walking through the event to what they bought, they uploaded snippets to their stories, and Jana even made a video.

Interestingly enough, Jessa was the sister who drew attention. Not only was she navigating the event with four kids and two strollers, but she was also sporting jeans.

Jessa Duggar wears jeans

Jessa Duggar was seen wearing jeans in a few of the snaps shared, and in the video that Jana Duggar posted to her Instagram page.

This is a big deal because while Jinger Duggar started the trend a few years ago, Counting On fans thought Jessa would be one of the sisters who chose to continue wearing skirts and dresses.

While looking through bows at a vendor, Jessa was snapped wearing jeans. She shared it on her Instagram stories.

Jessa Duggar in jeans.
Pic credit: @jessaseewald/Instagram

It looks like Jessa has upped her fashion game, especially after several of her sisters began wearing jeans and pants recently. Jana sported jeans when she and Jessa hung out while attending a conference in Atlanta recently.

Jessa Duggar picks up activity on social media

The last several days have been filled with new posts from Jessa Duggar. She had pulled back on posting for a while, but recently, she has kept Counting On fans up to date with her kids.

She shared adorable photos of Ivy Jane and Fern dressed in matching outfits as followers gushed over how they looked like “twins.” There were also a few who challenged them, saying Fern looks more like Henry, though.

With the holiday season coming, Jessa will likely keep followers updated with Duggar family happenings. Last year, she filmed the fall festival they held at the Duggar compound and did some videos of Christmas with the family.

With Counting On canceled, followers hope Jessa Duggar will keep everyone updated on what is happening with the siblings. She does a great job filming, and the photos she shares from events are popular among followers.

Joy-Anna Duggar has been focusing on her family but recently began picking up on sharing more on social media. Jana Duggar shares less than her siblings and often only posts highlights of her adventures or photos from family events.

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