Jessa Duggar slammed for how she homeschools her children

Jessa Duggar selfie.
Jessa Duggar didn’t impress critics with her homeschooling abilities. Pic credit: @jessaseewald/Instagram

Jessa Duggar is following a familiar dynamic with her children.

She was homeschooled by her mom, Michelle Duggar, and eventually helped homeschool her younger siblings.

The Counting On star is one of the siblings who is most like her parents regarding structure and rules, keeping her kids home instead of putting them in public school.

Her eldest son, Spurgeon, is in second grade. Jessa shared a video of how her children are homeschooled. Henry sat beside her while Spurgeon was on rollerblades moving around the house while writing on a clipboard.

Jessa likely knew sharing the video would garner negative attention, so she explained a bit in the caption.

The Duggar daughter wrote, “And some are kinesthetic learners. He passed his final spelling test of 2nd grade with flying ? colors.”

For those wondering, a kinesthetic learner would rather perform physical activity to learn something, as an active participant, instead of passively listening to a lecture or watching a demonstration.

Jessa Duggar slammed for not having a ‘proper education’

There has been a lot of debate about the Duggar level of education. For years critics have chastised the family for how they homeschool and the subjects they are taught.

After Jessa Duggar shared the video of Spurgeon and Henry, the comment section filled up quickly.

One critic wrote, “She doesn’t have a proper education or any sort of degree to be able to teach”

While Jessa did graduate high school based on Michelle Duggar signing off on it, she doesn’t have any formal schooling under her belt.

Another commenter chimed in, saying, “When you are the sole controller your children don’t know how to adapt to actual society when their deeply challenged!! Look at her older brother!!!!! He was controlled all his life and now he’s incapable of a normal relationship! People need social interaction where it’s not under mommy and daddy’s control to learn how humanity makes right from wrong decisions when challenged by someone they don’t know”

Jessa Duggar comments from critics
Jessa Duggar is roasted for her lack of “proper” education. Pic credit: @jessaseewald/Instagram

Jill Duggar has seemingly gone back to homeschooling as well. Initially, she had sent Israel to public school for kindergarten, but since their move, she kept him home.

Jessa Duggar pregnancy rumors continue

It’s been months since Jessa Duggar has been a part of a video on Instagram. She has avoided showing her full-length body, leading to speculation that she may be pregnant.

Jessa has a child every two years, and with Fern celebrating her second birthday in July, it lines up. Typically when these rumors circle, The Counting On star has a clapback on deck, but she’s remained quiet this time around.

She has also backed off from filming family videos. That task has been given to Jedidiah Duggar and Katelyn Nakatsu now. However, James Duggar is building quite the following on his channel, especially with the European vacation content. He got some decent shots of Jana Duggar and Laura DeMasie.

Whether Jessa is with child remains unclear, but it’s possible based on her history.

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