Jana Duggar travels to Italy with Laura DeMasie

Jana Duggar in a Counting On confessional
Jana Duggar and Laura DeMasie are enjoying Italy. Pic credit: TLC

Jana Duggar is seeing the world with her brothers and BFF, Laura DeMasie.

The eldest Duggar daughter and her brothers, James and Jedidiah Duggar, are on vacation in Italy.

Jedidiah and his wife, Katelyn Nakatsu, also brought their infant son, Truett, along for the ride.

James has been documenting their trip on his Instagram Story and shared a silly photo of Jana making a face. He will likely upload a full video update once the Duggars return to Arkansas.

Jana and her friend, Laura, were captured standing in line at what appeared to be a gelato shop.

The siblings seem to enjoy their trip across the pond and sites around Italy.

Jana Duggar in Italy
Jana Duggar is enjoying Italy. Pic credit: @jamesaduggar/Instagram

Jana Duggar has spent a lot of time with her brothers

As things have changed significantly over the last two years, Jana Duggar has spent more time with her brothers.

She has traveled extensively with Jedidiah Duggar, Katelyn Nakatsu, and her single brothers, James and Jason Duggar.

Before they took off for Italy, the siblings traveled in an RV to two weddings in the same weekend. It was documented by Jed and Katey and put on their YouTube channel.

Without Counting On money coming in, the Duggar children have moved to YouTube revenue and sharing their life updates in videos. While there are still some posts on other social media platforms, most are saved for video.

Jana is no longer at home with her sisters helping to raise the second set of Duggar siblings. She is exploring the world with her single brothers and her best friend, Laura DeMasie.

Jana Duggar was rumored to be involved with Laura DeMasie

For years there has been speculation that Jana Duggar might have been interested in a relationship with Laura DeMaise. Both have adamantly denied it, but they spend a lot of time together.

Jana is in her 30s and not married. Meanwhile, all of her adult sisters have been married for years. Several of her younger brothers, including Jedidiah, Jeremiah, and Justin Duggar, have also gotten married. Her twin, John-David Duggar, is also married and has two children.

Laura has been an avid supporter of the Duggars. She even went to court when Josh Duggar was on trial in December 2021. She’s been a solid friend to Jana, despite the rumors they are much more than friends.

It’s unclear how long the Duggar siblings are in Italy, but they are living their best lives abroad.

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