Jessa Duggar shares ‘mom hack’ for snow day

Jessa Duggar candid shot from Counting On.
Jessa Duggar offered up a “mom hack.” Pic credit: TLC

Jessa Duggar is the queen of mom hacks — or is she?

The Counting On alum joked about following her for more mom hacks like the one she posted, but it was pretty credible.

Arkansas received some snow; of course, the Seewald siblings wanted to play in the cold white stuff.

Fern is almost two, and Jessa didn’t have mittens for her. So, she decided to get creative and let her youngest little one explore the snow with her older siblings.

The mom of four put socks over Fern’s hands and then wrapped her up with plastic bags. It seemed like a perfect solution. And based on the footage shared by Jessa, it was a hit.

She captured a cute snap of Fern with her dad, Ben Seewald, outside the window — plastic-wrapped hands and all.

Jessa Duggar shares disclaimer

Jessa Duggar is the queen of clap backs when someone shares a snotty remark; this time, she beat them to the punch.

Part of her caption on the adorable photo reads, “Fear not, I’ve already ordered a proper pair of gloves from Amazon, and hopefully she’ll get another snow soon to try them out.”

Interestingly enough, Fern didn’t appear bothered by her makeshift gloves — the “mom hack” Jessa put together.

All the Seewald kids appeared to enjoy their time in the snow, with Ben Seewald enjoying the time and throwing snowballs along with his kids.

Jessa remained inside the house, keeping warm.

Is Jessa Duggar pregnant?

Much speculation has centered around Jessa Duggar and whether she is expecting baby number five. She took a social media break for quite a few weeks around the holidays and recently began posting again.

Jessa stopped sharing the family event videos she was known for, including the fall festival and the Duggar sweater party. Jedidiah Duggar and his wife, Katelyn Nakatsu, have seemingly taken over with that.

She did appear in the video Joy-Anna Duggar shared for Jana Duggar’s birthday. Jessa was in the pedicure chair with a purse covering her midsection. That amped things up a bit where the pregnancy rumors are concerned.

However, in a recent video she shared, Jessa is seen crouched down, helping Fern to remove a sucker that was stuck to her clothing, and she didn’t appear to have a baby bump.

She either isn’t very far along, or she isn’t expecting at all. However, it is noteworthy that most of her children are roughly two years apart. Spurgeon was born in 2015, Henry in 2017, Ivy in 2019, and Fern in 2021. So, 2023 would be the year a fifth child could appear.

Jessa seems focused on her immediate household and hasn’t shared much since before her November birthday.

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