Jessa Duggar shows off resale finds as Ivy and Fern model the outfits

Jessa Duggar in a Counting On confessional.
Jessa Duggar shows off her resale finds. Pic credit: TLC

Jessa Duggar is doing her twice-a-year post for the biggest resale event near her hometown. 

The Counting On star has advertised for them for years, and several of her siblings and sisters-in-law shop the event as well. 

Jessa enlisted her daughters, Ivy and Fern Seewald, as models for her social media post to show off some of the deals she got. 

Ivy and Fern shine in cute dresses 

On Instagram, Jessa Duggar showed off her adorable daughters. Ivy and Fern Seewald posed in their new clothes and a few videos of the rows of other items available to buy at the event. 

She wrote, “@rhealanasofnwa is back, and you can swipe left to see some of our favorite finds! Rhea Lana’s is a huge kids’ consignment sale that happens several times a year, and you can SAVE BIG on all things kid-related— clothing, toys, strollers, baby swings, bedding, books, maternity clothes, and much, much more. Check out @rhealanasofnwa if you’re in the Northwest Arkansas area! Or if you’re anywhere else in the USA, check out @rhealanas or go on their website to find an upcoming sale near you!”

What has Jessa Duggar been up to lately?

Aside from sharing her bi-annual resale post, Jessa Duggar has been busy working on new content. 

She has been using YouTube to share the big moments and Instagram for other fun moments. Recently, Fern celebrated her sixth-month milestone and showed off her plank skills

There have also been other uploads, including the annual Duggar sweater party. Lauren Swanson was spotted there, seemingly avoiding the spotlight. Anna Duggar also popped up on camera, which was surprising. 

Jessa seems to be the sibling who drops hints or throws followers a clue about things happening in the family. She was also the one who called out Jedidiah Duggar for having a “sweetheart” at the fall festival and showed a pumpkin painted with the name “Katey” on it, months before it was announced he was getting married to Katelyn Nakatsu. 

She is also working on sharing her home renovation project with followers. Jessa and Ben Seewald are doing a massive overhaul on the house they are moving into, and she is keeping track of the progress by sharing videos with followers. 

A lot is happening in Jessa Duggar’s life, and showing off her daughters in the latest finds at the big resale event is something she can check off her to-do list.

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