Jessa Duggar shares adorable photos of Fern’s ‘sleep smiles’

Jessa Duggar on Counting On.
Jessa Duggar showed off pictures of Fern. Pic credit: TLC

Jessa Duggar welcomed Fern Elliana Seewald just a week ago.

The mom-of-four had her first hospital birth and talked about it in a video she shared with followers. She said she would recommend the epidural, which was surprising because she has done unmedicated home births in the past.

As Fern is getting adjusted to life at home with her parents and siblings, she also gives Jessa plenty of picture-worthy smiles.

Fern shows off her ‘sleep smiles’

On Instagram, Jessa Duggar shared several photos of Fern Elliana as she smiled while sleeping. Not only were there smiles, but there was also a funny face and a yawn captured by the doting mom.

She captioned her photos, “Some say those newborn sleep smiles are just because of gas, but I prefer to interpret them as baby’s way of saying “Thank you, Mom, for all that you do!” ?(The last pic may tell the truth though.) ?”

The reality TV star then went on to ask followers how they interpreted their baby’s “sleep smiles,” saying, “Regardless of the reason, I will tell you it is still just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. ? How did you interpret your baby’s newborn sleep smiles?”

Details about Fern Elliana

Jessa Duggar announced the birth of Fern Elliana last week. She was born on July 17, the same day as her grandfather, Jim Bob Duggar. He was super excited to show off photos of himself and Michelle Duggar with his “birthday buddy.”

The announcement came in parts, with Jessa’s first two videos garnering over a million views. In the second video, she announced she and Ben Seewald welcomed a baby girl, and they announced her name.

Fern is the 10th baby girl born in a row, which kicked off when Felicity Vuolo was born in July 2018. Some followers believed Jessa was expecting a baby boy, but she wasn’t the one who will break the growing chain of little Duggar granddaughters.

She was born in a hospital, the first Seewald child to experience that. Jessa welcomed the other three children at home but needed medical attention after a few of the births. She and Ben chose to do a hospital birth this time, and things went smoothly. Michelle Duggar was there when Fern was born, and she even cut the cord.

It’s been a week since Fern Elliana debuted, and Jessa Duggar can’t get enough of her new baby girl.

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