Jessa Duggar reveals control is ideal, but she’s learning to ‘let things go’

Jessa Duggar's selfie.
Jessa Duggar has a need for control, but she’s working on it. Pic credit: @jessaseewald/Instagram

Jessa Duggar has the reputation of a strict, all-business no play personality.

That was talked about while 19 Kids and Counting and Counting On aired. Jessa was always the one who was strict with the younger siblings’ schooling. She was often shown being stern with them as they sat and did their schoolwork.

As the renovation of their new home continues, Jessa has been sharing update videos. The latest installment featured a moment that showed how much perfection is important to the reality TV star when it comes to appearances.

Jessa Duggar talks herself through the sharpie on the cabinet

In the YouTube video that shows off their home renovation progress, Jessa Duggar takes viewers through what decisions they’ve made and the staining of the flooring, doors, and cabinets.

One cabinet featured a sharpie drawn all over it because Jessa revealed she left the marker accessible to her children.

It starts a little after the 14-minute mark in the video. The Counting On star talks about debating whether she should leave the design or sand it down and start back over.

She said “life is messy,” and it’s not always “picture-perfect or Pinterest-perfect,” which was a nod to her talking about the Pinterest inspiration she got for her home, which may include a black door.

Jessa Duggar admits she isn’t always ‘chill’ about messes

As she explained further in the video, Jessa Duggar admitted she isn’t always “chill” when something like this happens. She often has to take some time to “calm down” and deal with it later.

Learning to let things go isn’t easy, but it is something Jessa is working on. Life with four little ones is full of things you can’t control, especially when they are so close in age.

She then discussed extending grace to the kids because she isn’t perfect herself. Grace seems to be something the Duggars discuss a lot, though their extension of it hasn’t been featured much.

The need for control isn’t shocking, though. Jessa butted heads a lot with Jana while filming the reality shows, especially when it came to home decor projects. It was seen heavily in the episode where Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard were coming back home from Central America, and they were getting a house ready for them.

Now, though, it appears Jana Duggar and her little sister, Jessa, are getting along better as she was present in the update video too.

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