Jessa Duggar questioned after revealing Christmas gifts for Spurgeon and Henry

Jessa Duggar in a confessional
Jessa Duggar gave questionable stocking gifts. Pic credit: TLC

Jessa Duggar is working on her income stream and taking it very seriously.

The mom of five recently shared some of what the Seewald family did for Christmas and some gifts they received.

Ivy Jane and Fern received things that coincided with their various baby dolls, including a triple stroller and some pretend food.

Spurgeon and Henry received Minecraft LEGO sets and pocket knives in their stockings.

The latter drew criticism, especially given their ages (Spurgeon is 8, and Henry will turn 7 in February) and Henry being so free with the gift while helping his sister open her present.

However, Jessa and Ben Seewald had no qualms as he used his knife. Jessa even cheered him on for cutting away from himself.

Jessa Duggar called out for knife stocking gift

There were varying opinions about Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald giving their sons knives in their stockings.

On Reddit, a Snarker queried, “In this video Henry who is still only 6 years old, get a knife in his stocking. Spurgeon, aged 8, also gets a knife in his stocking. Is this normal for Americans to give their kids knives for Christmas or is this a fundie thing?”

Jessa is questioned about her stocking gifts.
A fan weighs in on the gift. Pic credit: @Substantial-Peach976/Reddit

Many believed it was typical for “rural areas” and age-appropriate for Spurgeon, but the idea that Henry received a knife didn’t bode well.

One Snarker responded, “This is a fundie thing. Likely more common 60yrs ago for the average American. Fundies like to ‘bring back the good old days’ by doing this type of thing. It also enforces gender stereotypes for them. Boys ‘run wild & play hard’ girls learn to house keep & care for children. I live in rural Midwest & although it might be more common here I still think most would frown at it.”

Comments about Jessa Duggar's gifts for boys
Reddit users react to the Duggar gift. Pic credit: @Substantial-Peach976/Reddit

Another disagreed, writing, “That’s pretty normal in rural/working class families. I’d say you won’t find it as much in higher income urban areas, but even then – weapons is very much ingrained in our culture. Even if it’s not meant for anything violent.”

One more wrote, “Not normal at that age.”

Some agree with Jessa's choice to give her boys knives
Fans debate having a knife as a gift. Pic credit: @Substantial-Peach976/Reddit

Jessa Duggar welcomed tie-breaker baby just before Christmas

After a devastating miscarriage before the holidays in 2022, Jessa Duggar revealed she and Ben Seewald would be welcoming her tie-breaker rainbow baby ahead of Christmas 2023.

They welcomed baby George over a week before Christmas and featured him in the vlog. Jessa had him in the hospital but struggled a bit during his birth.

As for whether more Seewald children will come along, that remains unclear. Jessa hinted five was the “perfect number,” but she has been known to change her mind.

Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets is currently streaming on Prime Video.

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