Ben Seewald rages after Jessa Duggar catches heat following miscarriage

Ben Seewald and Jessa Duggar in a confessional.
Ben Seewald is mad about comments made about his wife, Jessa Duggar. Pic credit: TLC

Jessa Duggar had been missing from social media for months, and pregnancy rumors were rife.

The Counting On star revealed that over the holidays, she suffered a miscarriage. It was her second loss, as she and Ben Seewald suffered another miscarriage in 2020 before becoming pregnant with their littlest one, Fern.

She was incredibly emotional while talking about it, something fans and critics weren’t used to, as Jessa is often a straightforward, no-nonsense personality.

Following her revelation that she had a D&C to remove the miscarriage because it was a “missed miscarriage,” she began to get plenty of comments.

Jessa and her family are known for being pro-life at every corner and have often marched and done other things to support an abortion ban. With Roe v. Wade overturned, states have begun implementing laws on abortion and medical care for women. Jessa acknowledged she underwent her second D&C set for a conversation some weren’t ready to handle.

Ben took to his Facebook page to express his rage over the comments his wife was receiving and to share a YouTube video where something explained the difference between Jessa’s D&C and a D&C used to end the life of a fetus.

He wrote, “To all of you who have spread lies about my wife, I demand a public retraction and apology for your words, shares, retweets, or ‘likes,’ by which you’ve slandered my wife, further wounding a grieving woman. Please be humble and respectable enough to recognize your errors and insensitivity and set the record straight to your followers. Thank you.”

Allie, the woman in the YouTube video, called out several publications for their headlines about Jessa and even referenced Reddit.

What is being said about Jessa Duggar?

The battle over whether Jessa Duggar had an abortion or not has gotten a lot of attention. Ben Seewald wants a retraction from those who published articles that she did, and it’s clear he’s been perusing social media because he mentioned tweets and other social media forums.

One Twitter user explained that the medical terminology for a miscarriage is coded as a spontaneous abortion.

Another put together some of the headlines the Duggars have made over the years because of their views on abortion.

Reddit users created a thread to express their thoughts about Ben Seewald and his demand for an apology for his wife.

Jessa Duggar monetized her video about her miscarriage

When Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald had their first miscarriage, it wasn’t a big production like this has been. They made a statement about the loss and fell pregnant quickly with Fern, born in July 2021.

Jessa did make a statement following the accusations she had an abortion on her Instagram Story, and a Twitter user was able to capture it.

This opened up a can of worms that Jessa and Ben likely didn’t anticipate. He is fiercely protecting his wife, and that isn’t surprising at all.

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