Jessa Duggar misses the mark with Ivy Jane ‘Nazi’ story

Jessa Duggar confessional
Jessa Duggar is in full damage control mode. Pic credit: TLC

Jessa Duggar is in full damage control mode as Jill Duggar’s tell-all is due to be released.

Jill and Jessa used to be the poster children for the family, speaking on behalf of their brother on Megyn Kelly after the molestation scandal was revealed.

When Jill split from the family and left Counting On, Jessa took over the leading role. She has been the mouthpiece for the family, and her pregnancy announcement over the weekend was no coincidence.

After the entire summer hiatus from social media, Jessa dropped several Facebook posts that included some of the funniest (or so she thought) things her kids say.

This has been an ongoing thing, so it wasn’t shocking to see the posts return, but the amount of them was a bit much.

However, one of them got people’s blood boiling.

Jessa Duggar shares ‘Nazi germ’ post

Jessa Duggar shared many posts on her Facebook on Sunday, and one of them talked about Ivy Jane telling Fern about the “Nazi germs,” which the Counting On star thought was hilarious.

However, it wasn’t the brag she thought it was and proved just how out of touch with the real world she is.

One critic wrote, “What the actual f**k? What 4 year old has Nazi in their vocabulary and what parent is proud if they do? Yikes. They live on another planet.”

Another reminded her this wasn’t the damage control she thought it was.

Someone else said, “Am I the only one who does NOT think it’s even appropriate to make a quip about your kid ‘humorously’ using the word/term Nazi? Did the Duggars even truly learn about the Holocaust and the gravity of it all? We spent multiple units in my public school education learning about it and the horrors and atrocities that came with it. I’d never in a million years make a post about my kid making a ‘funny’ statement with this term. I’m grossed out.”

And one more wanted her social media silence back.

Comments about Jessa Duggar's post
Jessa Duggar missed the mark. Pic credit: u/Spicycat123/Reddit

Jessa Duggar is back in full force

With Jill Duggar’s tell-all Counting The Cost released on September 12, Jessa Duggar is trying to get ahead of the buzz.

She returned to social media earlier this month, revealing she had a great summer. That was just a test post as she got her toes wet.

Over the weekend, she confirmed her long-speculated pregnancy. She gave no details about any of it, just confirmation of what everyone has been saying.

And now, she completely missed the mark with her stories about her children. Jessa thought the “Nazi germs” comment was hysterical, but it is absolutely not. And, as the commenters pointed out, what four-year-old uses that word?

We are just wondering what the next off-the-wall thing Jessa Duggar does or says will be.

Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets is currently streaming on Prime Video.

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