Jess Caroline regrets introducing Colt Johnson and Mother Debbie to her family in Brazil

Jess speaks out after recent episode
Jess Caroline shares her regrets. Pic credit:TLC

Viewers have had a lot to say about Jess Caroline after the drama that just played out on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?.

But now she’s speaking out.

The Brazilian native is in her home country with boyfriend Colt Johnson and his mom, Debbie.

Things between Debbie and Jess have been tense since the moment they met, and they progressively got worse with each passing day.

Now, it seems the relationship is fractured for good after a horrendous family dinner.

Some viewers have been bashing the 26-year-old for her rude comments toward Debbie, but now she has a message as well.

Jess says Debbie tried to sabotage her relationship

The reality TV newbie has been getting a bit of backlash from the recently aired episode.

However, Jess recently took to Instagram stories to share some of her regrets in a lengthy message.

“I see how people were playing nice in front of me but did everything they could to try to sabotage my relationship behind my back,” says Jess in the post.

She then went on to praise her family’s behavior during the nightmare of a dinner saying, “Thank God my family only made me proud this entire time.”

Jess explains the lengths that her family went through to make Colt and Debbie feel at home during their trip but says that they were badmouthed despite their kindness.

Jess regrets introducing colt and Debbie to her family

The TLC alum had some harsh words for both Colt and his mom, stating that Debbie was fully focused on making sure that Colt wasn’t being used by another Brazilian.

However, “She forgot to teach him not to cheat again, manipulate and not to lie again,” noted Jess. “Instead she was covering his lies and cheating scam this whole time.”

Jess ended the post by adding, “If I knew the [truth] I would never introduce them to my family.”

Jess speaks out
Pic credit: @Jesscaroline_/Instagram

The cheating that Jess referred to in her post has not yet played out on 90 Day Fiance.

As of now, the two are in love and are even talking about marriage and kids – despite only dating for a few months.

The fast pace of the relationship is one of the reasons why Debbie is not a fan of Jess.

In her mind, the feisty Brazilian is simply looking for a green card and she does not want another Larissa Lima situation.

Clearly though, the relationship will come to crashing halt very soon, but we’ll have to wait and see how it plays out on the show.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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3 years ago

Jess and Larissa are worried about their crotch more than a relationship and Colt is no prize that’s for sure what will mommas boy do when she’s gone he will be the cat man and only p***y he will get then

3 years ago

Sally I say amen to what you said. Colt Larissa, Jess and Debbie are nothing but big jokes. I wish they would just take 4 some mess of the show!!!

3 years ago

Debbie didnt give Jess or Larissa a chance. She depends on Colt to take care of her and she doesnt want him to get maried and have his own life. Its selfish of her. Colt just wants to find love and have a life but it will never happen with his mom she will destroy all relationships.

3 years ago

Debbie needs to mind her own business!!
Let Colt be a man, and Colt you need to stop hanging off your mom’s tit!!

Monique Baskett
Monique Baskett
3 years ago

Colt is just gross.

3 years ago

Jess could not have written that post with her horrible English. As for the rest….Jess and Larissa (and Karine for that matter) ARE NOT common examples of Brazilian women. There is intelligent life in Brazil, I can guarantee!