90 Day Fiance fans bash Jess, call her disrespectful after nasty fight with Debbie on Happily Ever After

Fans bash Jess after her treatment of Debbie
Jess Caroline gets bashed after an argument with Debbie. Pic credit:TLC

Fans are none too happy with Jess Caroline after the most recent episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?

And their anger is quite understandable.

As Colt Johnson and his mom Debbie continue their Brazilian trip, things continue down an uncomfortable path with each passing moment.

It’s clear that Debbie and Jess are not fond of each other after their tense meetup in Jess’ home county.

And while fans are usually very critically of Debbie’s involvement in her son’s personal life, after this latest fiasco she has quite a few 90 Day Fiance fans on her side.

Jess tells Debbie to “F**k off”

Colt’s mother and girlfriend have been butting heads since they met up in Brazil, but things were taken to a whole new level during a dinner with Jess’ family.

Debbie is suspicious of the wedding conversation which ensues at the table– since the couple have only been dating for a few months.

Jess’s rush to get married has Debbie believing that she only wants to marry the 34-year-old for a green card..

“You’re 22, why the rush, that’s all I’m asking, why. What’s the big rush?” Asked Debbie.

“And if you’re getting so defensive at a question that I’m asking, then I’m wondering why are you getting so defensive?”

Jess angrily responded that she loves Colt, but not because she wants a green card. As Debbie tries to interject she waves her hand in Debbie’s face to dismiss her.

As if this wasn’t disrespectful enough, Jess then curses in Spanish saying ” Son of a b***ch,” adding  “F**k you,” before Colt finally jumps in and puts a stop to the conversation.

Fans call Jess disrespectful

Debbie does not have a lot of fans, but in this situation quite a few people on Instagram commented on the clip, saying that Jess was out of line.

“Never ever let anyone disrespect your mom that way. She should’ve been dumped on the spot,” said one Instagram user.

Debbie you’re so right any good mother will worry about her son ?, and Jess is just a disrespectful little fool she even disrespected her own family on the table, ” responded another.

Another IG user noted, “Jesse is nowhere near good looking enough to think she’s in a position to be that arrogant, she’s not technically wrong about colt and mother debbie’s relationship, but she’s stepping over the line with that BS.”

Someone else made a very good point saying,  “I could never be disrespectful to a mother in law especially to her face no matter how bad she was. I would rather leave the man instead.”

Whose side are you on in this one, Jess or Debbie?

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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Sherrie Lansberry
Sherrie Lansberry
2 years ago

I can’t believe Colt is even thinking about getting married after the last marriage ended so quickly. He us about as childish and immature as Jess is.

2 years ago

How old was Jess when her mother passed. SHe has the immature upbringing. apparently spoiled from her father. Jess needed her disrespectful mouth mashed. for talking to and adult let a lone someone that would be her mother in law. Im sure he own Mother or Grand mother would not of allowed such fillthy talk at her dinner table.. I WOULD NOt HIRE her to be an AUPAR for my children gutter mouth.. and to not let people get a word in edgewise.. Calling COLt you lie you lie.. SHE LIE TOO.. or LOVED GETTING LAID . BY ANYONE.. even after her and colt.smack smack samck and HORSE FACE LAUGH.. SORRY FOR THAT NEW GUY and HIS FAMILY.. cause you sure gonna lie..