Jersey Shore’s Sammi Sweetheart and JWoww shade castmate with Pauly D birthday posts

sammi sweetheart giancola face shot from jersey shore family vacation season 7 reunion on mtv
Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola appears at the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Season 7 reunion. Pic credit: MTV

Paul “DJ Pauly D” DelVecchio celebrated another year on the planet, and his Jersey Shore castmates showed him love!

However, several friends from the MTV reality TV show may have been subtly slamming another castmate with their birthday posts.

Pauly officially turned 44 on Friday and shared videos and photos from Marquee Dayclub ahead of a big birthday celebration this weekend.

Several photos and videos show him doing what he loves: DJing and hyping up the crowd at outdoor events.

In one photo, he posed alongside a light blue birthday cake with Italian flags and his face on it.

According to the final photo, Pauly would appear at Marquee Dayclub in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Saturday to host an Independence Day weekend party celebrating his special day.

Pauly D’s castmates sent birthday greetings

Pauly also reshared a collection of photos from friends, including several castmates.

Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola showed a photo of most of the cast together inside an arena in Las Vegas, sans Ronnie Ortiz-Magro or Angelina Pivarnick.

Pauly’s girlfriend, Nikki Hall, was also with the cast, and most of them wore black shirts for Team Pauly D as he posed in front of the group.

screenshot of sammi sweetheart dj pauly d birthday post on instagram story
Sammi shows some birthday love for her castmate Pauly D. Pic credit: @djpaulyd/Instagram

Jenni “JWoww” Farley also showed some birthday love as Pauly reshared her photo on his Instagram Story.

JWoww’s photo featured almost all the group rocking cowboy hats except for Pauly. Angelina, Ronnie, and Sammi aren’t with the group in the picture.

Screenshot of jwoww birthday post to dj pauly d on instagram
JWoww shared a birthday post for her castmate DJ Pauly D. Pic credit: @djpaulyd/Instagram

Fans called attention to one Jersey Shore castmate missing from Sammi’s photo

On a popular Jersey Shore Reddit forum post, someone shared the photo above from Sammi wishing Pauly a happy birthday.

In the Reddit post’s comments, multiple fans mentioned how one castmate was noticeably absent from Sammi’s photo.

“That feel when no Angelina,” a commenter wrote.

“Must have been a good party!” another commenter replied.

screenshot of reddit comments about angelina missing in pauly d birthday photo post
Pic credit: @OkHovercraft9058/Reddit

“Great to NOT see Angelina !” another individual commented, with one commenter sharing a GIF from the classic movie Mean Girls.

“Angeliners is MIA. FAFO,” another commenter wrote.

reddit screenshot features comments about pauly d birthday photo without angelina
Pic credit: @OkHovercraft9058/Reddit

Angelina said she was ‘hurt’ over her situation with her castmates

The topic of Angelina not feeling close or a connection with her castmates arrived during the Family Vacation Season 7 reunion.

Host Justina Valentine asked Angelina if she maybe resented Sammi for her bonding with the “other girls” from the Jersey Shore cast upon her reality TV return for Family Vacation.

“It’s more hurt because they’re running a marathon, and then I can’t catch up to them,” Angelina said.

“Do you understand Justina? It’s been years, and sometimes, some people don’t make me feel accepted,” she shared.

“Ang, I think a lot of us have tried in the past with you, and then it always turns into chaos,” Deena Cortese told her castmate.

During Season 7, Angelina was part of multiple storylines, including potential issues in her relationship with fiance Vinny Tortorella and a fierce feud with Sammi. In previous seasons of Family Vacation, viewers saw her and JWoww feuding.

It’s unclear when the photo originally came from, which Sammi recently shared for Pauly D’s birthday.

While Angelina may not have been on the guest list, she also maybe had other plans during the event her castmates attended with Pauly D.

It’s also possible she chose to stay away as she focuses on the criminal charges she’ll face in court due to an alleged incident at her New Jersey home last month.

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Season 8 is TBA for MTV.

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