Jersey Shore’s most iconic episodes: Snooki & Jenni write the note

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MTV’s Jersey Shore spawned many iconic moments., One of its most unforgettable was the writing of The Note. Pic credit: MTV

Jersey Shore has spawned some of the most iconic episodes in reality television history. While all have their memorable points, some have taken on a life of their own. One of these was the episode titled The Letter from Season 2, Episode 5.

Since the episode aired in August of 2010, the note has become as iconic as Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola and Ronnie Ortiz-Magro‘s relationship and Jenni “JWoww” Farley and Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi’s friendship.

In Season 2, Sammi and Ron arrived in Miami with their relationship in tatters. They were still emotionally invested in one another, but decided to go their seperate ways.

After a night out with castmates Paul “Pauly D” DelVecchio, Snooki, Jenni, Vinny Guadagnino, Angelina Pivarnick, and Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino,” Ron and Sammi found themselves at a crossroads.

Sammi left the Miami club in tears after yet another fight and returned to the home the Jersey Shore cast shared during the season.

Ron did Sammi dirty by engaging in some unscrupulous behavior with some female patrons at the club. He would later climb into Sammi’s bed after the encounter, not telling her what he did.

Ronnie’s behavior was witnessed by all the Jersey Shore roommates

Sammi felt that Ronnie still loved her but had her suspicions. She told Jenni and Snooki that if they knew something, they should tell her. Sammi also told Angelina that if she knew something about Ron and didn’t tell her, she would not consider any of the women good friends.

The infamous note said the following regarding Ronnie’s behavior. It was written in all caps.

“Sam, the first night at Bed when you left, Ron made out with 2 girls and put his head between a cocktail waitress’ breasts. Also was grinding with multiple fat women. When you left crying at Klutch, Ron was holding hands and dancing with a female and took down her number. Multiple people in the house know. Therefore you should know the truth.”

The aftermath of The Note

Sammi and Jenni physically fought when it was revealed that she and Snooki wrote the note that outed Ronnie’s bad behavior.

The women put the note in Sammi’s drawer in her room.

Sammi appeared to be more concerned about the identity of the note-writers than the note’s contents. Each cast member tried to find out the identities of who wrote it. Ron believed it was Jenni and Pauly kept saying, “GTF –Gym, Tan, and Find out who wrote the note.”

The entire plan backfired in Snooki and Jenni’s face, culminating in a series-defining physical fight when all they were trying to do was protect their friend from Ron’s bad behavior.

Jenni and Sammi fist-fought one another in the kitchen of their Miami abode while Angelina played both sides of the fence of the argument. This led to Sammi eventually forgiving Snooki but not Jenni, who she did not speak to for almost the remainder of Season 2.

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation is currently on hiatus.

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