Jersey Shore’s Mike Sorrentino credits Alcoholics Anonymous for helping him stay sober

Mike Sorrentino stars on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation
Mike Sorrentino spoke about how alcoholics anonymous has helped his life. Pic credit: MTV

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino has spoken out about how his life has been changed through his work with the recovery organization Alcoholics Anonymous.

In a new Instagram post, the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation star revealed how AA helped him as he overcame an addiction to pills.

The core beliefs of the program no matter what one is addicted to remain the same, as Mike explained in a lengthy post.

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Mike looked away from the camera as he held a black book in his hands. He wore a deep blue outfit with a white t-shirt underneath. He sat atop a gray sofa. Directly in front of the reality star was a coffee table with a vase of orange and yellow flowers.

The book in his hands was from the alcohol addiction program. Mike said it saves the lives of countless individuals each year.

Mike shared that he struggled with an addiction to pills. However, this program can be related to any addiction or substance that one is fighting to overcome. He called it a program of fellowship and changing perspective and perception.

Mike shared his steps toward overcoming addiction

“When I first got out of treatment, I followed the suggestions that were given to me. I went to a meeting every day, I did the treatment for close to a year, I got a sponsor, and I started working the steps,” he said.

“These suggestions put me on the path to recovery and helped make the man that stands before you, five years clean and sober,” Mike revealed.
The Jersey Shore star said he wanted to share this information because he supported all avenues of help. He cited the help groups Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous “or any other A, there is help out there waiting for you.”

The Jersey Shore star now has an even more important reason for helping others

Mike explained that his focus on helping others is even more important than before as he and his wife Lauren will welcome their first son into the world this year.

He explained he wants to help create a world where people are not ashamed to get the help they need.
At the close of his statement, Mike shared a phone number for his team for those struggling to provide any resource someone would need to get on the path toward a clean lifestyle.

Mike also uses his appearances on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation to slip in positive messages for viewers. He wears t-shirts that sport affirmations and will regularly quote important sayings he believes will support his struggling fans.

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation is currently on hiatus.

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