Jersey Shore’s Angelina Pivarnick reveals health scare after recent surgery

angelina pivarnick during jersey shore family vacation reunion show
Angelina Pivarnick shared an emotional update with fans and followers online. Pic credit: MTV

Angelina Pivarnick asked her friends, fans, and followers for support as she’s been dealt a health scare resulting from a recent cosmetic surgery.

Last month, the 37-year-old took to social media to share an update about recent breast implant work she had done to help “revise” and “upgrade” her implants.

The Jersey Shore star revealed she recently had her breasts fixed by a cosmetic surgeon due to “extreme stress and weight loss” she’d experienced.

She currently appears in the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation spinoff series on MTV, which recently featured drama involving most of her castmates.

While sharing a video with her surgeon, Dr. Tutela, many of Angelina’s online critics called her out for continuing to have more work done, something several of her JS castmates have also admitted to.

Angelina has since shared that an infection developed that could cause further health issues and might mean having her implants removed.

Angelina shares emotional update about her health: ‘I just feel hopeless’

“As I lay here crying about my health I ask you guys to pray my infection doesn’t go to my blood stream and implants If it does I would have to get them removed which we all know I just got them fixed due to extreme stress and weight loss from stress. It could go to my heart also and if it goes to my implants they are done,” Angelina shared on Twitter, aka X.

In her tweet (below), she also revealed additional steps to address the infection and help heal without further complications.

“I am on antibiotics again and taking wound powder in my water to hopefully speed up the process, protein lots of veggies and fruits too. Biggest thing NO STRESS! Just relaxation from this point forward,” she said.

“I just feel hopeless. Stress is terrible for our bodies. I am trying to stay strong and I am taking care of myself with lots of praying,” Angelina told her followers.

angelina pivarnick shares emotional health update on twitter
Pic credit: @angelinamtvjs/Twitter

Angelina addressed reactions to her recent update

With Angelina’s recent update, many concerned fans and some critics provided their support, suggestions, and feedback during her ongoing scare.

One individual asked the Jersey Shore store if she was only worried about her implants getting taken out, but Angelina shut down that notion, saying her infection and stress were what she was worried most about.

Another commenter said she could solve many issues if she would “just take them out.”

“It doesn’t get rid of my stress and I would like to heal and keep them if god allows it. Let’s try to heal and if not then I will,” she replied.

angelina pivarnick responds to her critics about surgery
Pic credit: @angelinamtvjs/Twitter

Yet another commenter mentioned that Angelina should consider taking Juven as she tries to heal after her surgery. Based on Angelina’s reply, that’s part of her recovery process, and she asked the commenter if it worked.

“Yaaass gir!! Prayers for you,” they replied.

js fan recommends juven for angelina recovery
Pic credit: @angelinamtvjs/Twitter

Juven, a medical food by Abbott Laboratories, is used as a supplement for wound healing following surgery or an injury. It’s also used for individuals with AIDS or cancer experiencing muscle wasting.

Angelina’s “revise” and “upgrade” surgery in early September was initially considered a success based on social media posts from the Jersey Shore star and her doctor. However, she’s now hoping for recovery and that it won’t result in some serious health issues for her.

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