Jersey Shore’s Angelina Pivarnick rants about NYC restaurant drama on Thanksgiving: ‘No respect’

angelina pivarnick on jersey shore family vacation season 6
Angelina shared details about what she felt was a bad experience during her time at an NYC restaurant. Pic credit: MTV

Angelina Pivarnick is known for being outspoken and having drama when on MTV’s Jersey Shore, and that may extend when cameras aren’t filming.

She recently revealed she didn’t have the experience or service she expected during a Thanksgiving outing to a popular New York City restaurant.

The Jersey Shore star spent some of her holiday with a friend enjoying drinks and food at Rolf’s German Restaurant.

She shared photos and videos of her time at the establishment, showing the beautiful decorations ahead of Christmas.

As a somewhat recognizable star from MTV’s various shows, including the recently-aired Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, Angelina believed she might receive a different level of service than she got.

However, Angelina revealed that she got “No respect” while at the NYC restaurant.

Angelina rants about restaurant issues in NYC

In a video clip originally shared on Angelina’s Instagram Story, the Jersey Shore star spoke about being reprimanded by staff at the restaurant.

In her clip, she said she was “yelled at” for leaving her jacket on a decorated bar or ledge area where they had their drinks.

“Really? No respect,” Angelina said as she shook her head, adding, “The only guy I like here is the door guy, but like, no respect.”

“If you want a great experience, they’re a*****es here. Sorry. No respect,” she said before turning her camera shot to her friend, who called it “Crazy.”

“You can’t have your jacket there? Like, what the f***? I can’t even get a dinner table, either. It’s like Fort Knox up in this b***h. I didn’t realize it was like f***ing Vegas…Honestly, it’s really bad,” she said in her rant.

In another clip, she showed a jacket on a wooden seat next to an unidentified individual at a table behind her.

Angelina also shared a photo without her jacket as she stood beside her friend in front of gorgeous holiday decorations.

Jersey Shore fans react to Angelina’s ‘No respect’ rant

A recap of Angelina’s restaurant issues was shared on Reddit at the Jersey Shore subforum called “Angelina’s mini drama on Thanksgiving.” That led to numerous comments criticizing her rant.

“so she pulled a ‘do you know who I am!?’ on thanksgiving to get a table… and seems like they didn’t give af who she was LOL,” one commenter wrote.

Another said that Angelina’s life might be “just a collection of ‘mini dramas.'”

fans react to angelinas restaurant rant from nyc
Pic credit: @Lostbuttonduck/Reddit/r/JerseyShore

Another commenter said, “Drama in Angelinas life? No way. Nope. Impossible. Don’t believe it for 1 second. Fake news.”

One individual suggested that Angelina “loves being the victim,” while another asked, “Wtf does she expect?”

“Too arrogant to make a booking on one of their busiest days of the year?” the commenter asked.

fans react to angelina pivarnick nyc restaurant rant
Pic credit: @Lostbuttonduck/Reddit/r/JerseyShore

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation viewers saw Angelina involved in more than a few bits of drama during the recent season on MTV. Many of her squabbles involved castmate Jenni “JWoww” Farley, as it seemed JWoww just didn’t like Angelina.

However, the Family Vacation season finale featured an emotional moment as JWoww and Angelina hugged, seemingly squashing their beef. It remains to be seen if that will continue into the cast’s next season or if more drama will erupt between them.

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Season 7 is TBA for MTV.

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