Jersey Shore’s Angelina Pivarnick defends ‘facelift’ procedure to critics and fans

angelina pivarnick in ig reel from INJX Aesthetics in NJ
Angelina Pivarnick let fans know it was her decision to get more cosmetic work done on her face. Pic credit: @angelinamtv/Instagram

Angelina Pivarnick addressed her critics and fans as she took them on a behind-the-scenes look at her latest series of cosmetic procedures on her face.

The Jersey Shore: Family Vacation star shared a live video on her social media as she laid back on a white chair at INJX Aesthetics office in Cranford, New Jersey.

She said her followers could ask questions about her latest procedure, but also told them someone from INJX would film with her phone and to “be nice.”

Dressed in a low-cut multicolor floral top and black leggings, Angelina had her dark locks flowing as she clutched a light blue teddy bear on her lap for additional comfort.

One woman from the INJX staff filmed Angelina and looked at what fans commented or asked, while another woman prepared Angelina’s face with markers for the procedure.

After the Jersey Shore star and the staff discussed the procedures she had done and what they were about to do, Angelina shared a defense of her latest cosmetic work.

Angelina shares cosmetic video and defends latest procedure decision

During Angelina’s IG live video clip (on IG Reels below), a woman from INJX staff marked her face to prepare for the procedure.

“Be nice because I know some of you can be a little weird. I love you all,” Angelina told fans before she gave her phone to another woman from INJX to film and field the fans’ comments or questions.

The narrator indicated they did “some cheek fillers” for Angelina and would perform a PDO thread lift on her face next.

During the video, one of the staff members praised Angelina’s “genetics” after they revealed the reality TV star didn’t need “much filler” for her cheeks during this visit.

When Angelina asked what everyone was saying, the narrator replied it was “lots of things” and about “how beautiful” she looked. That prompted Angelina to chuckle before she addressed her latest decision.

“I know you guys are looking out for me, or maybe not. Whenever somebody’s telling me not to touch my face, right? It’s like I’m not hurting you. I’m not hurting anybody else. I’m just doing it to myself, and I’m gonna be 37 years old. So if I’m gonna do it, just be happy for me,” she said as she looked at the camera.

“As long as it’s not hurting yourself, others, whatever, then go for it, girl,” she added.

She explained she would never steer somebody in the wrong direction or tell them “don’t do that” regarding their decision to get cosmetic procedures done.

About five minutes into the video, Angelina asked the narrator from INJX staff to let her see the comments on her video “real quick.”

“Leave your face alone, woman,” Angelina said as she read off a comment during the live video and promptly responded, “No.”

Her latest video picked up over 5,500 likes with 200-plus comments, which seemed deleted since Angelina’s IG Reel went on her profile.

What was Angelina’s ‘facelift’ procedure?

In Angelina’s latest video, she got a PDO thread lift performed at INJX Aesthetics. Per Healthline, the procedure is a non-invasive surgery that has been around since the 1980s and doesn’t require patients to go under the needle. It involves placing biodegradable polyester sutures under the skin for the lift.

During Angelina’s video, a staff member explained the procedure’s purpose is “to tighten the skin by producing natural collagen” and “stimulate collagen over time.” In addition, it provides a natural lift rather than someone getting a typical facelift.

Angelina received lidocaine injections for numbing during the procedure, which INJX said is optional for their patients.

As the staff members prepared Angelina for her PDO thread lift, one explained that 80 percent of their patients opt “not to get numbed” because the threads take “three to five seconds” to get placed.

She also indicated that patients who didn’t get numbing would be “a little less swollen” and have no “funky, droopy after-numbing effect” as someone might experience from a dental procedure.

“The end result will be lifted skin, so she’s going to look a little bit tighter in the face and a little more snatched,” one of the women at INJX explained.

After the procedure, Angelina indicated she was “nervous” about the visit, but it was “not bad at all really.”

Once threads were inserted into her right cheek, she used a handheld mirror to see how things looked.

“Look at the difference, guys,” she said as she revealed her left cheek, which hadn’t received the thread procedure.

It’s not the first time Angelina has undergone cosmetic work on her face. Monsters and Critics previously reported about fans reacting to Angelina’s unrecognizable look after she got a nose job last March.

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