Jersey Shore’s Angelina Pivarnick confesses that Chris Larangeira moved out of the house

Jersey Shore star Angelina Pivarnick confesses that Chris Larangeira moved out of their home
Angelina Pivarnick reveals husband Chris Larangeira moved out. Pic credit:MTV

Angelina Pivarnick has been opening up about her marital woes on Jersey Shore Family Vacation and things are worse than anyone realized.

Her castmates knew Angelina and Chris had some issues that they needed to work on, but during the latest episode of the show, the brunette beauty shared some surprising details.

Mike Sorrentino got the information firsthand after trying to do a bit of investigative work on social media. When he went to check in on Angelina she verified what they were all speculating, that she and Chris had broken up. But this was more than just a temporary break because Angelina’s husband had actually moved out of their home.

Angelina Pivarnick reveals that Chris Larangeira moved out

The Jersey Shore Family Vacation star opened up to Mike about the issues she and Chris have been going through and admitted that one of their fights proved too much for Chris to handle.

Mike was surprised to find out that he had actually moved out but Angelina confirmed it.

“[We] got into a fight and he moved in with his mother and it’s been a few weeks now,” noted the 34-year-old in her confessional. “Chris leaving and taking down his stocking, ripping up ‘Merry Christmas to my wife’ card, he wanted to see that card ripped up. Chris wanted to see that stocking gone. Chris wanted me to see all his clothes gone. I mean, for him to do that to me over a fight just is not fair.” 

Angelina also noted that she wanted them to get help for their marriage, but her husband was not on board with that. She told Mike, “I asked him to go to therapy and his response to me was always ‘you need therapy.'”

Angelina gets emotional talking about her breakup

During her confessional, Angelina got emotional while talking about her husband and how his moving out has added to her abandonment issues.

“Abandonment issue is a big thing for me, considering my father and I’m like…I get upset because my father, he abandoned me when I was a kid. Even still to this day, my father’s not in my life. He wasn’t at my wedding, he doesn’t care about me, so for me, Chris abandoning me is making me feel like that ” explained Angelina tearfully.

As they showed flashbacks to her wedding, the Jersey Shore Family Vacation star continued to dish about her husband in her confessional.

Chris was the first guy in my life that didn’t abandon me and made me feel like he would never do that to me,” confessed Angelina. “So for him to do this to me right now that’s just like something I don’t think anybody should go through in their life.”

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation airs Thursdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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