Jersey Shore’s Angelina Pivarnick blasted for being ‘jealous’ over Sammi Sweetheart on Family Vacation

angelina pivarnick and sammi sweetheart face shots from jersey shore family vacation season 7 episode 4 on mtv
Angelina Pivarnick and Sammi Sweetheart’s drama reached a boiling point on Family Vacation. Pic credit: MTV

Jersey Shore has been known for bringing the drama between castmates, and the latest involved Angelina Pivarnick and Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola.

Sammi returned to the spinoff show, Family Vacation, last season after over 10 years away from reality TV.

She was well-received by her castmates as everyone got caught up by sharing their life updates. Many viewers also seemed happy with Sammi’s return.

However, Season 7 premiered several ago with heated drama between Sammi and Angelina teased. Things have started boiling over.

In a recent episode, Angelina remarked that Sammi was getting more attention in public than she was.

More recently, fans slammed Angelina for her jealous behavior towards Sammi in Episode 4.

Angelina and Sammi have drama in Family Vacation

During the February 28 episode of Family Vacation, viewers learned that Sammi and Angelina might not be on great terms as castmates or friends.

The cast celebrated the first official Jersey Shore Day and then returned to their hotel to visit the original house they lived in during MTV’s original JS series.

However, Angelina Pivarnick became upset in her room, and it related to how much “packing sucks” for her because she tends to overpack.

Producers ushered most of the cast from the hotel to their waiting rides outside so they could travel to their destination, but Angelina was still doing her makeup.

“Are we waiting for Ang?” Sammi asked while she, Deena Cortese, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, and Jenni “JWoww” Farley waited in a car as the guys left.

That led to Angelina’s castmates attempting to call her phone repeatedly but getting sent straight to voicemail. Eventually, Deena got through, and Angelina ranted about how nobody got her, mentioning, “Sammi walked right past my room.”

With that, Sammi demanded the phone from Deena and confronted Angelina.

“This is the second time I’ve heard you use my name like that, and it’s pissing me off,” Sammi told her castmate.

The footage rewound to show a scene from a week before all the chaos, where Sammi spoke with her boyfriend, Justin May, about how Angelina had been talking about her a lot.

Sammi talked about castmate’s remarks about her being jealousy

“Apparently, Angelina’s been saying negative comments about me,” Sammi shared with Justin in the flashback scene.

In confessional, Sammi mentioned the cast doing a week of press in New York City and how “multiple people told me [Angelina] was talking bad about me.”

“Maybe she’s jealous. She brought you back on the show,” Justin speculated, putting up a quote signal with his hands when he said “brought.”

“Maybe she feels a little left out,” Justin suggested, and Sammi said it was “jealousy.”

She shared in a confessional that the press has been all about “Sam’s back,” so Angelina might feel she’s not getting the attention she once had.

During that flashback conversation, Sammi said she’d tried to ask Angelina via text messages if she had a problem with her but never got any honest answer. That led to a week later, as Sammi blasted Angelina on the phone about the hotel situation.

“Hey, Ang, I’m gonna tell you right now. Stop throwing my name around like that. You’re pissing me off,” Sammi said on their speakerphone call.

Later, Deena revealed to the guys that they were still at the Hard Rock Hotel because Angelina said, “Everyone left her up there,” and she didn’t want to come down.

Angelina’s ranting and not being ready led to the women not getting to hang out with Vinny and Pauly as they revisited the OG Jersey Shore house. That’s because the guys had limited time on their schedules as they had stripping and DJ gigs to leave for.

Fans blasted Angelina for jealousy over Sammi

Sammi wasn’t the only one calling out Angelina’s behavior from Family Vacation. Jersey Shore viewers took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to express how they felt about Angelina’s issues with Sammi.

“Angelina’s jealous and insecure because she knows we all like Sammi more than her,” one commenter wrote.

“Angelina is such a hater. She gets jealous, talks s*** and then plays the victim. Every single season,” another commenter said.

screenshot of twitter comments calling out angelina vs sammi drama from jersey shore family vacation
Pic credit: @cheeselover606/Twitter & @SurvivingGIST/Twitter

Additional comments arrived to call out Angelina’s behavior from the recent Family Vacation episodes.

“Wtf?! I don’t like this s*** with Angelina. She’s jealous and selfish. Typical Angelina. I love Sammi. She’s real. Btw she did nothing wrong,” an individual commented.

“I don’t like Sam but Angelina is totally jealous of Sam. Especially since she was there for her with her family situation. Anything for attention,” a Twitter user wrote.

screenshot of twitter comments as jersey shore viewers call out angelina following family vacation 7 episode 4
Pic credit: @purpleperson71/Twitter, @ZGunn95Twitter, & @GEMof72/Twitter

Based on a preview for the next episode of Family Vacation, things will escalate further as Sammi confronts Angelina in person, and the Jersey Shore drama ensues!

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation airs on Thursdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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1 month ago

They should have left her. She wasn’t even on the show that long through the seasons. They could have at least gotten a pic with Vinny and Paulie.