Jersey Shore’s Angelina Pivarnick addresses her ‘painful’ week: ‘I can’t do this much longer’

angelina pivarnick during jersey shore family vacation
Angelina Pivarnick learned a shocking truth about her family during a recent Family Vacation episode. Pic credit: MTV

Jersey Shore star Angelina Pivarnick shared an emotional message with fans following what she called a “painful” week.

Angelina, 37, admitted on social media that the past several years were rough for her, with a recent episode of the JS spinoff, Family Vacation, showing why.

On Wednesday, she shared a selfie that appeared to have been taken during an emotional moment, with her eyes closed as if she’d been crying.

“These past three years haven’t been kind to me. When will my heart mend and heal. This year alone I found out things and I don’t even know how I’m still standing…. Was lied to my whole life about who I am and where I came from.. my hearts broken… I don’t know how to fix it. I woke up this morning crying,” she admitted in part of her Instagram post’s caption.

Angelina explained that this was her “truth,” and she was “allowed to speak the truth” about what she’d been put through.

“Ppl are trying to silence me for the pain they put me through for years. And it’s not going to happen. I need you all to pray for me as much as you could right now. I can’t do this much longer. I need happiness and peace. I need friends around me that don’t just call me to go out but will sit in my house with me and talk and wArch movies with me. Even make s’mores etc. #pleaseGOD #whenisenoughenough ?” she wrote.

Jersey Shore’s Angelina says her ‘identity for years was a lie’

In part of her IG post’s caption, the Jersey Shore star said her “identity for years was a lie” and encouraged others to get a DNA test if they felt “out of place” regarding their family picture.

“This last week alone was more than painful. If you feel out of place please take a dna test. I know it’s scary but you will know the truth at least,” she said, referring to the situation addressed on Family Vacation.

She asked her fans and followers for prayers as she healed from her recent sadness. In addition, she mentioned her intention to “be a mother.”

“Freezing my eggs is a must for me soon,” Angelina wrote, asking people to comment with “any great reputable places” she could use for that.

Angelina learned the shocking truth during Family Vacation episode

During the Thursday, September 7 episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, Angelina talked about a DNA test she took, with the results revealing that the man she thought was her father was not her biological father.

Angelina and her sister each took a DNA test, with the Jersey Shore star learning about the shocking truth early in the morning.

In the Family Vacation episode, she broke down in tears after she told her sister via phone that they both were a 50 percent match for their mother’s DNA, but their father was different.

“Why don’t I have answers? I don’t have that right?” Angelina asked her sister, who said she didn’t know if she’d “ever” find out the complete answers about it.

“Mommy’s like, ‘I don’t know anything. I don’t know anything.’ How do you not know?” Angelina said their mother told her about her father.

The Jersey Shore star also mentioned how “f***ed up” it all was and said she’d “never do that to my kids.”

Later on, Angelina got a house visit from Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino. He asked why she’d been crying, with her castmate learning about the lie she uncovered from her family history. Later, she revealed it to the rest of their castmates.

“I actually took my DNA test. He’s not my dad,” she told everyone during a dinner, as seen in a clip below.

While she uncovered the truth about her family situation, it brought a painful realization to light with an unanswered question about her real dad’s identity.

“My whole world was shattered,” Angelina said during a confessional interview, mentioning she’d been “lied to” for her entire life.

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