Jersey Shore star Snooki fires back at body shamers: ‘Stop commenting on people’s bodies’

snooki from jersey shore during family vacation reunion
Snooki called out the online body and weight shamers in her newest video. Pic credit: MTV

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi called out the online trolls who have been critical about her weight, telling them to stop with the unnecessary comments.

The 35-year-old Jersey Shore Family Vacation star addressed struggles with her weight and the body shaming that happens online in a three-minute video clip.

“I just wanted to make this video to talk about this because I know it’s an issue for a lot of people,” Snooki said, adding, “Men, women, everybody – it’s an issue – and it’s called weight. I have struggled with my weight my entire life.”

She explained that in high school, she was “underweight, wasn’t eating [and] had no energy,” adding, “It was getting scary” for her at that age.

Snooki said that situation continued for a short while after high school, but at age 21, she started Jersey Shore. At that point, she adopted a carefree mentality to enjoy life and not worry about what she was eating and drinking.

“So, [I] gained weight during Jersey Shore, and I feel like I was always confident in my skin no matter what size I was,” she said, adding, “I know that I’m beautiful. I’m amazing no matter what size I am.”

Snooki calls out the online weight and body shamers: ‘That’s not OK’

“Everyone fluctuates with their weight,” she said before raising her voice to ask critics and trolls, “Who are you to call people pigs and fat and disgusting and ‘your body looks terrible?'” No.”

Snooki called her remarks an “education” for the online critics and trolls, suggesting that if they had opinions about people’s looks and bodies, “do it in the comfort of your own a**hole mind.”

“Or just like call somebody. Call your a**hole friends to gossip about somebody’s weight, but don’t comment it on the internet,” she said, adding “people are sensitive” regarding body image.

She said some individuals with body image issues might “finally be starting to love themselves,” and others’ insensitive remarks about their weight or looks could mentally put them back into a bad place.

“So this video is for everyone out there. Stop commenting on people’s weight. It doesn’t matter. Doesn’t matter if you gained 10 pounds, 20 pounds, if you lost 20 pounds. Who the f*** cares? As long as you’re a good person and you feel good in your own body, who cares?”

“So stop commenting on people’s bodies. It’s not nice. OK?” the Jersey Shore star said before finishing her TikTok video with a kiss and “Love you.”



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Fans react to Snooki’s comments about body shaming

Snooki’s TikTok video was well received by her fans and supporters, as it picked up over 370,000 likes and 9,200-plus comments. Some commenters praised her for keeping it real, while others identified with her struggles with weight and critical comments.

One commenter said, “Recently seen an EX of mine and I’m bigger than I was with him. He was soo rude about it. Confidence totally crushed.”

Another shared that they were “heaviest of all my sisters” but “the most unbothered and comfortable in my skin.”

“I finally realized my weight wasn’t going to define how I live my life,” the commenter wrote.

snooki fans comment about tiktok video on weight shaming
Pic credit: @snooki/TikTok

Another said the Jersey Shore star’s video arrived online at “the perfect time” for them to see it.

“ur the perfect person to talk about something like this bc of how many girls look up to u,” another commenter wrote.

Snooki and her husband, Jionni Lavalle, have three children: Lorenzo, 10; Giovanna, 8; and Angelo, 4. According to one commenter, Snooki is “setting a beautiful example” for her kids.

fans of snooki comment about weight shaming
Pic credit: @snooki/TikTok

Snooki’s video arrives over a week before Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 7 arrives on MTV. She’s not the first of the show’s cast members to fire back at critics over her appearance either.

Several weeks ago, Monsters and Critics reported about Angelina Pivarnick’s cosmetic surgery video and her reaction to a commenter who called her out for getting another procedure done.

Based on Snooki and Angelina’s reactions and remarks, they may get a lot of criticism and hate but will continue being comfortable in their own skin as they call out the trolls.

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation premieres Thursday, August 3 at 8/7c on MTV.

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