Jersey Shore star Mike Sorrentino urges those in recovery not to follow ‘California sober’ lifestyle

Mike Sorrentino on an episode of Jersey Shore Family Vacation
Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino shares some advice for those who are in recovery Pic credit: MTV

Jersey Shore star Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino has battled addiction in the past and since his recovery, he has advocated strongly for those who are still struggling.

Mike recently celebrated five years of sobriety as he’s continued his work to support others.

In a recent Twitter post, Mike shared some advice for his followers that he felt could save their lives if they were currently in recovery.

He wrote, “If you’re in recovery and reading this California Sober will kill you.”

The term “California sober” describes an approach to recovery that includes drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana in moderation. The term recently gained traction as singer and actress Demi Lovato shared it was currently a lifestyle she maintains.

According to Healthline, the concept was created in hopes that people could manage their drug use through reduction rather than trying to live life completely sober.

The approach is considered controversial in the field of substance abuse and addiction and is not recommended for those who have addictive substance use patterns.

Mike Sorrentino shares advice for those in recovery
Mike Sorrentino shares advice for those in recovery Pic credit: @ItsTheSituation/Twitter

Fans respond to Mike Sorrentino’s recovery advice

As Mike urged his followers not to attempt the California sober lifestyle, many chimed in to share their thoughts on the topic.

One fan commented and said that he didn’t believe it was a good recovery plan and his own cousin had passed away despite trying the strategy.

A fan agrees with Mike's advice after his cousin passed away
A fan agrees with Mike’s advice after his cousin passed away Pic credit: @vogelsanglover/Twitter

Another fan shared her thoughts on addiction and said that it was a “scary thing.” She added that oftentimes addicts get a small amount of something and it leads them to eventually want more.

A fan shares her thoughts on the recovery method
A fan shares her thoughts on the recovery method Pic credit: @AmandaLynne28/Twitter

Other fans felt badly for those who struggled with addiction regardless of their method of recovery.

A fan feels sorry for those struggling with addiction
A fan feels sorry for those struggling with addiction Pic credit: @tresmama/Twitter

Mike’s own journey to recovery

While Mike has managed to stay sober for the last 5 years, his journey to get there was anything but easy.

Longtime fans of the Jersey Shore star will recall the earlier days of filming when he often acted erratically and made poor decisions.

Some of his poor decisions landed him into legal trouble as he did time in prison for tax evasion.

Since Mike has been in recovery, he’s worked as an advocate in hopes of helping others who are struggling. He often utilizes his social media platform to offer words of encouragement and advice to his many followers.

He’s worked with Banyan Treatment Centers for a little over a year alongside his wife Lauren Sorrentino.

As Mike continues to try and help those who are currently battling addiction, he’s also preparing to welcome a baby boy this May.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation is currently on hiatus.

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