Jersey Shore: Snooki takes aim at troll who comments on her waistline

Nicole Snooki Polizzi slams haters who attacked her body.
Snooki is not here for the haters trying to body shame her. Pic credit: MTV

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi has taken aim at a troll who commented on her waistline. The Jersey Shore alum is not here for the haters to body shame her, especially after she has had three children.

Fans know Snooki is not one to be messed with in-person or on social media. She is a protective mama bear when it comes to her kids, but Snooki also sticks up for herself.

The MTV personality has no time for haters or trolls who think they can comment on every aspect of her life. For the most part, Snooki doesn’t pay attention to the body shamers, but sometimes the pint-sized fireball fights back.

Keeping positive even against the haters

Snooki has been sharing her fitness journey with her followers on social media. She works hard to stay fit and build muscle since having her third child Angelo, in May 2019.

Last week, the former Jersey Shore star thanked those who joined her for an intense workout session. Snooki explained that it is hard for her to get toned after having three babies. She then encouraged all of her followers to never give up on fitness, even when it is difficult.

Snooki also gave out some tough love, telling fans not to be lazy and to put in the work. It may take a while, but Snooki promised the results would come. She declared that all her fans are powerhouses who can do anything.

One troll had to ruin the positive message by saying that Snooki should work harder on her waistline. The comment did not sit not well with the reality TV star.

“I’ve been. Having three kids destroys your waistline. I’m not trying to be skinny; I’m trying to gain muscle,” the brunette beauty responded.

Snooki blasts body shamer.
Pic credit: @snooki/Instagram

Fans stick up for Snooki

The reality TV star wasn’t the only one angry at the nasty insult. Several fans blasted the user for making such a mean remark.

Fans also praised Snooki for her reply that was positive and informative instead of being mean and stooping to the hater’s level. The comments section was also full of remarks complimenting Snooki on her good looks. It is clear that she works hard for her body.

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi is no longer on Jersey Shore. However, Snooki hasn’t lost any fans since her departure.

Her recent social media post proved that Snooki isn’t the only one who will take on the trolls. Fans have Snooki’s back. Not that she needs it – Snooki clapped back perfectly.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation is on hiatus at MTV.

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