Jersey Shore: Sammi Giancola goes ringless during her store opening, MTV alum was ‘clearly hiding’ her left hand

Jersey Shore: Sammi Giancola goes ringless during her store opening, MTV alum was ‘clearly hiding’ her left hand
Sammi ‘Sweetheart’ Giancola has Jersey Shore fans wondering if she and her fiance broke up. Pic credit: ©

Sammi Giancola was beloved by Jersey Shore fans during her tenure on the MTV hit, with that loyalty persisting post-departure. That devotion led to keen-eyed fans noticing that the former reality TV star wasn’t wearing her engagement ring at a recent media appearance.

Sammi’s presence came at the opening of a new Sweetheart Coast Boutique store. It adds to speculation that she and Christian Biscardi may have broken up. According to fans in attendance, the beauty entrepreneur was “clearly” trying to hide her left hand for much of the evening.

Sammi Giancola isn’t wearing her engagement ring

One Jersey Shore fan in attendance says that Sammi Giancola put her left hand into her pocket as soon as fans noticed her lack of an engagement ring. She first posed for photos with her left hand out, although that quickly drew attention. It seems as though her attempt to hide it has only brought more attention.

Jersey Shore fans have been speculating for weeks that Sammi and Christian have broken up. There have been several apparent clues to that effect. Christian deleted all of his Instagram photos featuring her, for instance, while the two have unfollowed each other on the social media platform.

Likewise, Sammi has also erased Christian from her social media and even removed the engagement ring emoji that was previously in her Instagram bio.

Sammi’s lack of a wedding ring was also noticeable in a video she recently appeared in, which added more fuel to the fire. So far, neither party has commented publicly on the matter.

The pair announced their engagement not long after Jersey Shore: Family Vacation was announced. Shortly beforehand, Sammi confirmed that she wouldn’t be returning to the franchise.

At the time, it was claimed that she wanted to avoid the drama. Fans of the show would remember her rivalry with Jenni Farley, who recently said that she would invite Sammi to her wedding. There would be one condition to it, however. JWoww said that she wouldn’t invite Sammi if she decided to film the wedding out of respect for her wishes to not film anymore.

The Jersey Shore star’s wedding fantasy

Sammi Giancola had put a decent amount of effort into planning her wedding. She had even modeled multiple bridal looks and shared the photos on Instagram. Those still remain posted.

In one post’s caption, she noted how she “was obsessed with this look.” The ring that she received from Christian Biscardi was featured prominently in the photo. A two-carat ring with two rows of diamonds, it’s quite hard to miss.

That explains why Sammi’s lack of an engagement ring is so apparent; the ring itself was quite noticeable. While signs point to her and Christian calling it off, neither party have commented on the matter.

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