Jersey Shore: JWoww’s fiance Zack blasts production for ‘lying and cheating the viewers’ with dinner scene

zack carpinello during jersey shore family vacation scene
Zack Carpinello appeared in a dinner scene with fiancee JWoww on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. Pic credit: MTV

Zack Clayton, also known as Zack Carpinello, called out Jersey Shore production for a recent segment he appeared in on the Family Vacation spinoff.

Thursday night’s episode featured him and his girlfriend, Jennifer “JWoww” Farley, having dinner and discussing the topic of marriage.

In part of the scene MTV shared on Twitter, JWoww explains that marriage is a contract and a “piece of paper” that doesn’t define love.”

“I feel like Zack is my life partner. I know we’re gonna be together forever, but divorce was really hard, and it’s scary,” she said in a confessional interview.

“I would be 100 percent fine if we never got married and we lasted for 140 years,” she told Zack, adding, “that she was nervous.”

Zack seemed understanding in the scene and was shown holding JWoww’s hand across the table. The couple seemed to be getting along in the one-minute clip below.

However, based on Zack’s remarks on Twitter, the show’s production made it look much different than how it actually went, likely for viewers’ entertainment.

Zack blasted production about his segment with JWoww

“You wouldn’t know,” he wrote in his message, telling fans and followers that his and JWoww’s dinner on Family Vacation “was over 3 hours long.”

“Wasn’t supposed to be, turns out you guys aren’t as good as you think you are organizing a scene, but regardless Jenni and I really enjoyed it,” Zack tweeted.

He then blasted how the segment was edited, saying it was cut down to “3 minutes” and “made it look like we hate each other.”

“You took angles and facials of us from the 3 hour dinner and plugged them in where you wanted to fit the narrative you are attempting to display. None of which predicated on a reality basis whatsoever,” Zack said.

“Congratulations on lying and cheating the viewers,” he said, adding that anyone who wanted to know more about the dinner scene “won’t be hearing any of it on Jersey Shore.”

zack clayton blasts jersey shore after family vacation segment
Pic credit: @zackclayton/Twitter

Fans react to Zack’s remarks about JS scene

Zack’s latest tweet on social media brought forth plenty of fans expressing similar sentiments about how reality television is presented for entertainment.

One individual defended the show, saying, “didn’t make it seem like you all hate each other to me.”

“I got from that scene that neither of you are in a super rush. And a peice of paper means nothing. You two are clearly in love,” they replied.

“Welcome to reality tv Zacky boy! You should be used to this by now. You ARE engaged to a reality tv star after all,” another commenter wrote.

Another individual said people weren’t judging him “off of a 3 min clip when you’ve been on the show for years now.”

zack clayton twitter replies after criticizing edit
Pic credit: @zackclayton/Twitter

More fans dropped by the comments, explaining that Zack should know this is how things go now with reality TV.

“This is the most dramatic post I’ve ever seen,” wrote one individual.

“You do realize this is your finances job right?!?!” another individual commented, adding, “I would be embarrassed if my partner posted this about my job.”

zack clayton fans and critics react to twitter remarks
Pic credit: @zackclayton/Twitter

As longtime JS viewers know, Zack Carpinello and JWoww began dating back in 2019 following JWoww’s divorce from Roger Matthews. In February 2021, Zack popped the question to JWoww on her birthday while they were on the 102nd floor of the Empire State Building.

They’ve remained engaged ever since, and it seemed they were getting along in the Family Vacation dinner scene. However, something about that scene didn’t sit well with Zack based on its presentation.

Based on what was shown, does Zack make a good point, or is he being overdramatic?

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation airs on Thursdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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