Jersey Shore fans call out Family Vacation’s ‘scripted’ fight scene

mike the situation sorrentino face from jersey shore family vacation season 7
Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino gets heated during an altercation on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. Pic credit: MTV

A fight featured on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation has viewers riled up over whether it’s real or something cast members “planned.”

The dramatic Season 7 episode will spotlight an altercation involving castmate Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, his castmate Angelina Pivarnick, and her fiance, Vinny Tortorella.

Things have been moving full speed toward a collision between the castmates, stemming from Angelina opening up to Mike and his wife about her issues with her fiance.

During their latest vacation, Mike told castmates he planned to have a chat to check on Angelina since she was back with Vinny 2.0.

That causes friction between Mike and Angelina as they yell at one another in a hotel room, with Vinny 2.0 standing by.

A clip arrived on social media, with fans reacting to seeing Mike “The Situation” so angry and others calling it a “scripted” scene for the show.

Jersey Shore castmates clash in ‘fight’ clip

In a clip shared on Instagram ahead of Family Vacation’s fight, Angelina questions what Mike told their castmates about her, and it doesn’t go well.

“They said you said something else,” she claims to Mike.

“That’s a bad game of telephone,” Mike responds, with Vinny 2.0 watching from across the room.

Things shift to Angelina telling her castmate, “This is where Sam’s hate stems from.”

“You go around in circles,” Mike fires back as Angelina keeps yelling.

Vinny 2.0 eventually tells Mike to “take it down a notch.” Mike asks Angelina’s fiance if she also goes in circles with him.

Mike explains to Vinny 2.0 that he tried to help fix things with Angelina. In a confessional interview bit, Mike says, “This motherf***er is sizing me up.”

“I came in to help, but don’t let it fool you. The Situation is in there,” he says in his confessional.

The clip showed a highlight reel of previous scenes where he lost his temper or became angry before returning to the Family Vacation fight scene.

“Then go home. I’m the guy that does his job. You’re the guy that doesn’t,” Mike says to Angelina before he walks to the door.

Things continue escalating as Mike calls out Angelina further.

“Show up to work,” Mike tells Angelina before addressing her fiance.

“If you knew what she filmed behind your back, you’d be pretty upset, too. If you knew…you wouldn’t be sitting there with your smug face right now,” Mike told him.

Vinny 2.0 then tells Mike to step up to him and “say it in front of my face.”

Viewers suggest that Family Vacation’s fight was ‘planned’ and ‘scripted’

Ahead of the entire fight scene airing on MTV, viewers expressed their opinions about what they saw in the preview clip.

At a Reddit Jersey Shore forum post, commenters discussed their thoughts about the fight, with several individuals calling out the scene.

One commenter wrote that it’s “def scripted” and added they’ve “seen jersey shore FV being filmed [and] they are told what to say and given scripts to stay on point.”

The commenter also mentioned Angelina’s shocked look at the camera as a possible clue that it was “scripted.”

“There’s a team of people with the cam lol,” another commenter wrote, adding, “They all break the 4th wall at times” and are “friends.”

Based on some comments, things will escalate, with the fight turning physical between Mike and Angelina’s fiance.

“There’s absolutely no way in hell that was a real physical altercation,” a commenter said.

Screenshot shows comments from jersey shore fans on reddit about family vacation 7 fight scene
Jersey Shore fans weigh in on the fight. Pic credit: @CharlieWaitress111/Reddit/r/jerseyshore

Yet another commenter suggested that “Mike planned it just to f*** with Ang lol.”

According to Mike in his confessional interview during the fight clip, the angry version of The Situation is one Vinny 2.0 doesn’t “want to meet.”

He’s known to stir things up with castmates, and this could be more of the same, leading to a real fight. However, it’s also possible Mike is playing a prank on his castmates or Angelina.

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation airs on Thursdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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