Jersey Shore fans blast Ronnie Ortiz-Magro’s return for Sammi Sweetheart reunion in Family Vacation 7

ronnie ortiz magro face shot from season 7 trailer of jersey shore family vacation
Ronnie Ortiz-Magro appears in Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Season 7 trailer. Pic credit: MTV

Not all Jersey Shore fans are thrilled to see a potential reunion between exes Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola!

A recent trailer for Season 7 of the Family Vacation spinoff featured Ronnie and Sammi shown in the same room.

Not only were they in the same room, but they were shown at the same table as the Jersey Shore cast had all seemingly reunited.

The trailer teased that the moment viewers have been waiting for is finally coming, suggesting that the former couple will talk in Season 7.

In one scene, Sammi reacts to a potential reunion, saying “Hell no” as if she’s firmly against seeing or talking to her ex.

Many fans also criticized Ronnie even being included with the group based on his history.

Fans blast Ronnie’s potential reunion with Sammi in Family Vacation footage

In a Reddit subforum devoted to Jersey Shore, critics and fans reacted to some footage shown in the Family Vacation Season 7 trailer.

In particular, a post titled “Sam and Ron on two opposite ends of the table” highlighted the distance between the exes at a potential reunion.

“Genuinely hate they brought him back, especially around her. Anything for ratings,” a commenter wrote.

A commenter replied, suggesting Sammi “100% knew she’d have to see him again if she wanted to come back,” and added, “I just wish Ron wasn’t so weird about her and could just be mature and not make it a big thing.”

screenshot shows reddit commenters criticizing ronnie and sammi reunion scene in jersey shore family vacation season 7
Pic credit: @CharlieWaitress111/

One commenter suggested they would do like Sammi did and “stay as far away from that man child as humanly possible.”

“They literally should have just cut ties with him and officially had Sam on instead. What a shame,” another wrote.

“It sucks that he’s back. I don’t think he has changed at all,” a commenter wrote.

screenshot from reddit as criitics blast ronnie ortiz magro return for family vacation season 7 reunion with sammi
Pic credit: @CharlieWaitress111/

Sammi skipped Ronnie’s Season 6 reunion with his castmates

In Season 6, Sammi’s return to reunite with her castmates was a significant story, as she’d been away from Jersey Shore programs for over 10 years. Everything seemed to go smoothly, with no major drama involving her or her castmates.

In interviews, she also revealed she’d moved on and matured since her tumultuous relationship with Ronnie during the original run of Jersey Shore on MTV and after that.

The couple dated throughout those original seasons but had plenty of drama throughout the relationship. They eventually split in 2016.

Both have dated others since then, with Ronnie’s relationship drama carrying over to his relationship with Jenn Harley, with whom he now shares a daughter. The drama also carried over to his relationship with Saffire Matos.

Per US Weekly, both relationships included Ronnie being arrested for domestic violence charges.

In 2021, Ronnie announced he was stepping away from Jersey Shore to address his mental health. He’s since moved to a new home in Florida and continues to share custody of his daughter with his ex, Jenn.

Meanwhile, Sammi is dating Justin May and has introduced him to the rest of her castmates. Based on cast member comments, everyone liked him so far. The couple skipped out on Ronnie’s Season 6 visit to Florida, as Sammi didn’t want to have an awkward encounter with her ex and her current boyfriend.

However, she later admitted to her castmates that she’d be able to “co-exist” with Ronnie, which could be why they were finally at the same table again but not seated all that close.

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Season 7 premieres Thursday, February 8 at 8/7c on MTV.

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