Jersey Shore fans blast Angelina after castmate says they ‘don’t respect her’ at Family Vacation Reunion

angelina pivarnick at the family vacation reunion
Jersey Shore star Angelina Pivarnick at the Family Vacation Reunion. Pic credit: MTV

The Jersey Shore: Family Vacation featured tea spilled and drama rehashed, including the ongoing feud between Angelina Pivarnick and Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola.

Throughout the Season 7 episodes of Family Vacation, Angelina vented her frustration about Sammi, including calling out a TikTok video she recorded.

The two bumped heads throughout the season, including a heated clash during the cast’s trip to Arizona.

While Vinny Tortorella and Justin May suggested their fiancees needed to agree to disagree, the drama didn’t stop.

At the Family Vacation reunion, viewers saw Angelina address the situation between her and Sammi, with Sammi firing back.

Following the episode, fans shared their thoughts, with many seeming to side with Sammi and slamming Angelina over her behavior and “jealousy.”

Family Vacation reunion revisited Sammi and Angelina’s feud involving TikTok video

MTV aired the two-part Family Vacation reunion this past Thursday, aka “Jerzday,” with most of the cast present, sans Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Paul “DJ Pauly” D.

Angelina and Sammi were both there, and while seated on the same coach, they wisely had several castmates sitting between them.

Towards the end of Part 1 of the reunion, they revisited Angelina sending a DM to New York Jets player Nick Bawden, resulting in Nick’s wife, Alexis, calling Angelina out.

Several of Angelina’s castmates at the reunion agreed it was “corny” for the Jets player’s wife to respond how she did and keep the drama going. They suggested she was trying to make money or a “clout chaser.”

Reunion host Justina Valentine reminded Sammi of her appearance in a TikTok video with Alexis, which included Sammi’s classic “Are you friends with her?” audio from Jersey Shore.

During the reunion, Sammi called Alexis a “nice girl” and said they “happened to be next to each other” waiting at a Jets game. She called it “awkward” and said they “made a silly video, and this happened to be what it was.”

Sammi later admitted she was “sorry” about the TikTok video, but only because it’s giving Angelina “justification” for her behavior toward her for months. However, they kept bickering as Angelina told Sammi, “You knew what you were doing.”

“Angelina, we are not friends,” Sammi stated, adding, “You’re doing nothing but bash my name.”

Despite Angelina sharing that the TikTok video “really hurt” her, Sammi said she didn’t care.

“You know why? Because I don’t like what you’ve done to me months and months prior. Watch the show,” she said.

“I’m not gonna waste my breath anymore. I don’t have respect for Angelina, and that’s just the way it is,” Sammi said before the reunion episode ended.

Fans blasted Angelina for her reunion behavior

Many fans sided with Sammi after seeing what transpired during the reunion. In the comments on Twitter, more than a few tweets involved viewers slamming Angelina.

One individual suggested that Angelina “is jealous that Sammi was better received” during her time on Family Vacation, adding, “She absolutely wanted the girls to hate Sammi” rather than her.

One tweet asked if Angelina really thought Sammi would be friends with her after the constant bashing this season.

Another Twitter remark suggested that Angelina needs to “look up the definition of the word narcissist, and she’ll find herself next to the word.”

twitter screenshot with fan comments from family vacation reunion
Pic credit: @RealityTVBabe00 & @Kellye_23/Twitter

Another Jersey Shore fan brought up how Angelina kept asking for “receipts,” and Sammi was able to show them regarding her texts to her. However, when Sammi showed proof she tried to text her, Angelina made an excuse about not taking it “personally” when she didn’t respond.

twitter screenshot shows jersey shore family vacation reunion reaction
Pic credit: @cheeselover606/Twitter

Beyond the TikTok video, Angelina’s other claims included that she brought Sammi back to the reality TV show and helped her buy a house, yet wasn’t being treated well by her.

“I brought this girl back and she’s treating me like this? She buys a house on the money I made her but I’m the bad guy?” Angelina claimed in the April 18 episode of Family Vacation.

It’s worth noting that Angelina said she was in trouble when she saw Sammi quickly make up with the rest of her castmates after returning for the Jersey Shore spinoff in 2023. She may have believed Sammi would side with her in any future drama Angelina had with the others.

Their Season 7 feud seems far from finished with the reunion. In a spoiler alert, the two castmates had a sitdown at a restaurant filmed for an upcoming episode. According to the description in the spoilers, things got a bit heated, with production coming over to their table to intervene.

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